Outdoor Cell Phone Jammers Can Protect Personal Information

As one of the most populous cities on the planet, the official government of Beijing, China will soon start tracking the daily activities of all 17 million people living here by tracking the location of their cell phones. The government has presented a new plan to help reduce traffic congestion by providing detailed information on civic activities around Beijing. The plan is called “Real-time Citizen Sports Information Platform” and will use a person’s cell phone, local cell phone tower and GPS tracking module, which has become a standard module for almost everyone. modern smart phones. Each mobile phone will transmit GPS information to the server, which will provide authorities with unprecedented amounts of data to record the whereabouts and current trajectories of anyone in the Beijing area. For some people with ulterior motives, they may sell privacy for profit, but the various Phone GPS jammer launched by jammer-mart.com may prevent others from monitoring. Critics of the plan say it is another government cover-up effort to restrict individual movement and prevent large crowds from forming on the streets. Their opponents say the data will provide law enforcement with accurate maps to show where large crowds gather, allowing the government to send emergency personnel to public protest venues.

Portable Hand-held GPS Jammer

According to Chen Derong, professor of wireless communications at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, the mobile tracking system is not designed to monitor traffic. He said traffic monitoring does not require tracking the activities of individual people. “We are discussing two completely different ideas. The positioning of the mobile phone is a matter of personal privacy. If you want to understand this flow of traffic, you have to install cameras at the intersections,” he said of it. “Why shouldn’t they know personal information like my current location to avoid traffic jams or the like? Traffic and location tracking is as inappropriate as putting a horse’s mouth on its head of a bull. ” Criticism The author also claimed that the plan to follow up on all activities of the people of Beijing was a response to a large-scale protest in China in 2011, which was successfully mobilized via social media. According to a New York Times report, the protest was aimed at making people shout: “We want food, we want jobs, we want homes and we want fairness,” calling on people to take concrete action to try jazz. Take advantage of people’s dissatisfaction with inflation and rising house prices.

This occasion, along with the continuing domestic unrest caused by the rapid spread of large-scale protests in Middle Eastern countries, has led to unrest within the Chinese government. Authorities arrested the activists and placed more than 80 people under house arrest. Since then, others have disappeared. The follow-up plan was provided by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, and officials avoided mentioning the system’s use as a law enforcement tool. Li Guoguang, an official with the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, said the plan “will provide information on the distribution and movement of urban populations with incredible precision.” It is assumed that the program was created in cooperation with China Mobile, a mobile phone provider in cooperation with the Chinese government. Li calculated that 70% of Beijing’s citizens carry cell phones, allowing their government to track all activities of 17 million people with great accuracy. Therefore, if you live in Beijing or plan to visit and use a local mobile phone, you may want to consider keeping your location private. To make it a reality, you can use a cell phone jammer to prevent the Beijing government from tracking your smartphone, so it should always maintain the privacy of the location.

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