Russia has achieved significant results with the GPS jammer

The Russian military buys jammers and plans to install them on cell towers. The idea is simple: the Kremlin can launch these jammers during the conflict and pray that the jammers reduce the precision of the American missile attack.

drone jammer gun high power

Izvestia emphasized that “the system integration in the transmission and reception of communication signals on the tower of the communication tower formed a network that covered the entire area, like a satellite navigation signal through the dome.

The installation of drone jammer on mobile phone towers in Russia is an unconventional step, but its logic is militarily justified. From today’s perspective, the United States has a huge advantage in cruise missiles, drones and GPS systems.

The Russian armed forces are actively trying to block U.S. military drones that fly over Syria and disrupt flight operations by interfering with the signal from the global positioning system (GPS). Jamming has a “serious” impact on US drone operations, but it is not yet clear how serious Russia’s interference is.

According to the report, the jammer was developed by the Russian military and is highly developed to interfere with even navigation devices with anti-jam technology, and is also suitable for encrypted communication, although encryption is difficult for the drone’s control systems to penetrate sensor output. The Department of Defense declined to comment on whether drones had crashed as a result of the disruption.

The use of jamming in situations where the war has not fully emerged would reduce the effectiveness of Russia during a real war as the U.S. and Allied Forces examine the signals and find ways to overcome them and improve it to find fault-resistant system in use. The U.S. Army is already looking for field weapons that do not rely on GPS to get accurate results.

Given the sudden spiral drop of the drone in the published video, the system is most likely to be a radio GPS jammer . Given that the system is being used by the Russian-backed separatists, it is likely that the system will be another electronic war weapon made in Russia that will be used at the front of a proxy war, both for influence on the battlefield as well as for research and testing purposes.

US officials told NBC News that the Russian military had blocked smaller US drones. Jamming focuses on drones’ GPS systems, which can result in operators not knowing where the drone is, for more extreme results such as crashes.

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