Criminals complete the theft in 20 seconds

Recently, the border defense detachment of Dongguan City, Guangdong reported that a series of car property theft cases that occurred in service areas such as Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway Houjie this year have been solved. Criminal gangs used signal jammer to transmit signal interference, causing car owners to lock the car and steal the car. Inside property.

pocket gps signal jammer

From the surveillance video, we can see that in the Dalingshan service area of ​​the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Expressway, a man wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt got off a black car. He seemed to be moving his muscles and bones. In fact, he was just pretending to rest and looking for the target of the crime. . Soon, a gray SUV drove into the service area and stopped. A man and a woman in the car closed the door and left.

At this time, the criminal suspect appeared again, and saw him approaching the SUV car casually, opened the door easily, quickly got something from the car, turned around and got into the corresponding vehicle and quickly escaped. The entire theft process took less than 20 seconds.

In the end, the Hunan suspect Tan and his associates were arrested by the police in a hotel in Dongguan at the end of September. In the face of hard evidence, Tan and his associates confessed to the crime.

How to deal with “car jammers”?

①When traveling or shopping for parking, try to choose a public parking lot with camera monitoring. Especially when parking overnight, try to park in a parking lot that is supervised by someone.

②When locking the car, pay attention to the phenomenon of locking the car. For example, when some cars are locked, the two rearview mirrors will be retracted; when some cars are locked, the turn signal will flash twice, etc. When an abnormal lock is found in the use of an electronic lock, a manual lock should be used to increase the safety factor and try to avoid unnecessary losses.

③When you lock the car, pay attention to whether there are suspicious people around. Before you leave the car, pull the car door with your hands to make sure it is locked.

④Don’t put valuables such as leather bags, mobile phones, cash, etc. in the car, so as not to let criminals catch them.

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