Talking about the advantages of UAV jammers

Today, more and more people complain that their personal lives are often exposed to unauthorized drones. UAVs are very famous today, they are usually used to capture important events or certain objects from the air. Since these technologies do not stand in the same place, new and more advanced models of drones and squares are being created every day that can turn your personal life into the object of particularly curious espionage.

Intruders are one kilometer or more away from objects protected by traditional security systems. They can conduct industrial espionage from the air, monitor private life, throw prohibited items around guards or export valuables, and drugs bypass control points and inspections. Considering the growing threat of terrorism around the world, the use of drones carrying explosive devices can be expected to attack crowded locations and sensitive infrastructure elements. Equally dangerous is the drone, whose operators simply lose control and stay away. Such drones are in the airport area even at very high altitudes, and can enter the engine of the flying or landing aircraft and turn off the power cord.

Thieves can obtain detailed information about the location of guards and installed CCTV cameras, the location of storage facilities, and the number of any secret equipment. As you can see, with the help of drones, detailed information can be obtained. Therefore, if you want to protect yourself from unauthorized entry into your personal life or business, then you should know what drone jamming technology is. The jammers of quadcopters and drones are high-power devices that can block the audio and video transmission of information. These devices are beneficial because they can store confidential materials.

When choosing a drone jammer, please pay attention to the spectrum of the blocking frequency. The drone jammer is a powerful device that can effectively prevent the operation of the following frequencies: video transmission frequency (2.4G WIFI 2400-2500MHz 20W); remote control frequency (2.4G WIFI 2400-2500MHz 20W); ˚F video Transmission and remote radio control (5.8G 5.5-5.9MHz 2W) rate; ˚F remote radio control nuclear rate (868-912 MHz, 860-920MHz 25W, 20W 433-434MHz); GPS frequency L1 1575 MHz 40W.

uav drone blocker

The anti-drone jammer is equipped with multiple pin antennas. The length of the antenna can be different. The blocking radius of the suppressor can also vary according to the signal strength, location, and remoteness of the basic control. The more powerful the function you choose, the larger the blocking radius. It is important to note that the jammer has a low-noise built-in fan. With such a reliable cooling system, you can stay calm and overheating will not pose a threat to you.

Most drone radio jammers have unlimited working hours, so you can use it for a long time. Signal jammer is specifically used for advantageous purposes to ensure control of the territory, prevent industrial espionage, counter-terrorism purposes, attempts to move narcotic substances, certain types of weapons, personal family information or commercial espionage, etc. 2.4 GHz jammer for drones-ideal for any citizen who cares about privacy. If you have any questions about drone blockers, you can call our manager or send a message. We are happy to answer all your questions. In addition, we will help you choose a suppressor that meets all your requirements.

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