Jammers make our community safer

In the fight against criminals’ use of banned cellphones in prisons, law enforcement agencies may be closer to a technology that can interfere with phone signals in prison without affecting nearby communications. In January of this year, Justice Department officials and researchers from the U.S. National Telecommunications and Information Administration gathered in federal prisons to test technologies that could disrupt radio services that could interfere with thousands of cell phones that enter prisons each year.

NTIA said the test used prototypes of equipment provided by an undisclosed supplier and successfully blocked commercial cell phone signals in a cell at the Federal Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Maryland, but only 20 feet outside the building wall. Commercial radio waves. Attorney General Beth Williams, Assistant Attorney General, of the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice, said in a statement on June 15, “These encouraging test results are a step towards addressing the security threat posed by smuggling calls.”

The ability to destroy prisoners’ cell phones has become a major target for the US Department of Justice and other federal agencies. Officials say anything from smuggling cell phones into prisons can create confusion, from controlling gang activity and violent crimes in and out of prison, to spreading child pornography and intimidating witnesses. The Federal Communications Commission passed regulations in March last year to expedite the approval of anti-smuggling systems in prisons. Since they use commercial spectrum, they need an FCC license to operate. Such systems either detect transmissions or use administrative access methods developed from licensed commercial frequencies and authenticate the devices that use them.

indoor phone jammer

According to a study in January, NTIA researchers installed a portable cell phone jammer in the storage room next to the 13 by 8 foot cell on the cell’s first floor. The study claims that it successfully blocked cellphone transmissions in commercial frequency bands between 700 and 2170 MHz, but that it would not interfere with commercial transmissions if monitored at a distance of 20 feet and 100 feet from the cell. However, according to NTIA, further study is needed to determine if the technology poses a potential threat to commercially licensed wireless services outside the prison wall. There are still some obstacles. The agency noted that test results are only for their respective locations and that results can vary widely at other prison facilities.

According to NTIA research, a number of systems are required to fully cover the internment camp – up to 100 cell phone jamming systems. This can lead to serious power problems. Williams said, “The results show that this micro-interference technology can have local effects.” “This is an encouraging signal that brings us closer to a solution that will make our community safer and that will help prevent criminal activity in prisons from continuing.” The Justice Department said the Bureau of Prisons will use the report to get a better strategic view of new technology and continue testing.

Tech assistance tried to interfere with 4G phones in UP prisons

LUCKNOW: As cases of cell phone use continue to be reported in prisons, Electronics Corporation of India Limited (ECIL) was asked to install 4G jammer in UP prisons.

While jammers are installed in prison buildings in 75 counties across the state, they cannot block the 4G network, allowing inmates to run their criminal syndicates using 4G-enabled phones.

4g cell phone jammer

These jammers were installed a few decades ago and successfully block second generation (2G) and third generation (3G) networks, but cannot restrict fourth generation (4G) communications, making it difficult for the prison department to monitor prisoners’ activities .

Aware of the loophole, prisoners take advantage of blackouts and communicate with their aides to order Supari extortion, robbery, and even killings, as jammers will not resume operation until power is restored.

Prison Department Inspector General Pramod Kumar Mishra said ECIL will install solar-powered 4G jammers in 24 prisons across the state, including five central prisons in Naini (Allahabad), Varanasi, Fatehgarh, Bareilly and Agra.

TDOC issues calls for cellular phone “jamming” technology

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – The Tennessee Justice Department renewed calls for action against smuggled phones.

According to a press release, Commissioner Tony Parker’s call for action comes after a report by the National Administration for Telecommunications and Information (NTIA). The report reports on the effectiveness of micro-jamming technology in blocking illegal cell phone signals in correctional facilities.

The report details the results of a Department of Justice / Federal Prison pilot test for micro-jamming technology at a state prison in South Carolina.

“This pilot program is a clear example of the jamming technology available, tested in a real corrective environment, and providing results that would disable illegal cell phones in Tennessee prisons without interfering with legal communication devices outside the target area.” Parker said in a statement.

Illegal cell phones in prisons have been used by drug smuggling networks to facilitate attacks and escape attempts and other illegal activities. In 2005, a contraband cell phone helped an inmate escape, eventually leading to the murder of Tennessee law enforcement officer Wayne “Cotton” Morgan.

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The correction industry has repeatedly requested permission to use “jammer” technology to disable cell phones in prisons. Last year Senator Ken Yager (R-Kingston) and Representative William Lamberth (R-Portland) in the Tennessee General Assembly sponsored a resolution calling on the Federal Communications Commission to support the use of jamming technology in Tennessee prisons.

Commissioner Parker also said in a statement:

“Without exception, we” kicked “this can for a variety of reasons,” said Parker. The only solution to fixes has been managed access systems, which have proven time and again to be unreliable and very expensive. Other technologies, such as wands and cell phone detectors, pose many challenges in correctional environments. Parker says it is time to move forward with micro-jamming technology. All other technologies designed to help prisons eradicate the threats posed by illegal cell phones have failed, and it is time to put public safety first. “

All parties, including the media, are banned from flying drones

All parties, including media practitioners, are reminded not to fly drones anywhere in the country while the Movement Control Ordinance (MCO) is enforced through May 12.

Supt Rasha Azaldin Shafii, head of the drone unit of the Royal Malaysia Police, Air Operation (PGU), said flying drones without permission from the Malaysian Civil Aviation Authority (CAAM) is a violation of the Malaysian Civil Aviation Ordinance 2016 (MCAR 2016).

“Anyone who operates a drone without a permit can be punished with a minimum fine of 50,000 RM or a prison sentence of three years for individuals, while companies can expect a maximum fine of 100,000 RM.

“Please note that not all parties are allowed to fly drones unless they have permission from CAAM and the police,” he told Bernama.

He said throughout the implementation of the MCO, police had discovered four cases of illegal use of drones across the country.

“Further investigations into the cases are ongoing and the police are ready to use the drone jammer device to ensure that no drones are flown anywhere without authorization,” he said.

drone jammer gun high power

According to Rasha Azaldin, drones will be used specifically for nationwide aerial surveillance, including in areas under the expanded MCO.

“The use of drone technology has definitely been effective in making announcements and bringing back memories of COVID-19 throughout the MCO period,” he said.

On April 7th, CAAM authorized the PGU Drone Unit to operate the unmanned aircraft system or drones for surveillance and enforcement purposes during the MCO.

CAAM also announced that the drone operation would be led by the police in collaboration with the Malaysian armed forces and three private drone companies.

Anti-drone technology: what they do and how they work

Audio detection – drones emit a very specific sound. There are devices that can listen to the very specific frequencies of the whirring devices and work well up to a point. In a quiet, pastoral setting, these devices can detect an approaching drone with an accuracy of up to 500 feet. In a study conducted by Korean researchers and published in January 2017, these devices were tested in a real urban environment. When used in a noisy environment, audio detectors struggled to more accurately identify the incoming drones.

RF Technology – Drones use radio frequency to communicate with their operators. To keep the receiver and the transmission connected, they are paired with specific RFID chips that prevent other devices on the same frequency from overtaking the drone.

Jammers – Jammers emit electromagnetic noise using the radio frequencies that drones operate on and output information. In fact, they drown out the conversation between a drone and its operator. This is usually either 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz, which are unassigned public frequencies. This prevents jammers from interfering with manned aircraft, cell phones, public broadcasts, or other dedicated radio bands. drone signal jammer can be either stationary, mounted devices or built into highly mobile, gun-like devices that can result in a drone landing safely on the ground from where it may have intended.

drone signal jammer

Geofencing – Geofencing creates a barrier that surrounds airspace using a combination of a GPS network and Local Radio Frequency Identifier (LRFID) connections such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. This boundary is created using a combination of hardware and software to create a physical and invisible boundary that surrounds an airspace. Some drone manufacturers incorporate geofencing technology into their aircraft to warn pilots when they enter no-fly zones or restricted airspaces such as prisons, power plants, or airfields.

Video Detection – Video can be used in conjunction with other drone detection technologies to create and relay a visual record of a detected drone incident. Due to factors like weather or changes in season, video detection is not an ideal first line of defense in detecting incoming drones, but it can be a valuable tool for recording drone incidents for future reviews.

Thermal Detection – Thermal imaging is also not a good first line of defense when it comes to detecting drones, but it can be a helpful tool for locating drone operators in a remote area. For example in the smallest of spaces such as the area around a power plant. When a drone is detected in the air, thermal cameras attached to a drone operated by the power plant’s security staff can be used to locate the nearby operator of the intruding drone.

Radar Detection – Drones are often small, low-flying aircraft, making them very difficult to pick up on radar. Radar technology is ideal for finding manned large or long-haul aircraft flying in conventional airspaces. However, their skills are incapable of detecting drones well. When a drone crashed on the White House lawn in 2015, intelligence officials could only see it by sight as it was flying under the existing radar protection.

China Suspends GPS Jamming For Incredible New Years Drone Display

The New Year celebrations in Shanghai this year were particularly spectacular and included a show with 2,000 drones.

Illuminated drones formed a variety of images, including colored shapes, a man running across the sky, and numbers that counted down the seconds to midnight.

Shanghai, in fact much of China’s coastline, has seen repeated GPS jamming and spoofing patterns over the past year.

And previous drone shows in China were spoiled by interference with navigation signals. One incident was reported by Chinese media in May 2018 and another in October of the same year.

Given this history and the success of this year’s show, many have speculated that the Chinese government must have made a conscious decision to avoid interference activities for the duration of the celebration.

gps signal jammer

Others have suggested that GPS jammer may still be in progress, but the drones are using the Chinese BeiDou satellite navigation system.

It is possible to interfere with GPS without affecting BeiDou. This would be a riskier option, however, as the two systems are operating on nearby frequencies and some “overflow” interference could occur.

China recently announced an increased focus on ensuring that PNT information is available to its population from multiple sources in a “comprehensive” architecture. Such an approach ensures that regardless of the interference from satellite signals, users have the critical location and time information they need.

Given this leadership’s attention, it is likely that the need for unhindered navigation was well considered ahead of the recent Shanghai drone exhibition.

Also, we probably won’t see many future reports of drone shows in China being disrupted by navigation system malfunction.

Fight against employees who use GPS jammers

From the paranoid conspiracy nut to the woman who is afraid of being followed by the employee who doesn’t want to be followed by her boss, the use of devices called GPS jammer is increasing. They are easy to purchase online. You can even find them on sites like eBay. Many people who use them likely assume they are legal and don’t bother to investigate the laws around them. But as an employer, how do you combat and spot employees who use GPS jammers?

gps jammer

What is a GPS jammer?

What Exactly Is A GPS Jammer And How Do They Work? A GPS jammer is a device that uses radio frequencies to transmit a signal that blocks, interferes, or interferes with GPS systems. These devices interfere with all aspects of GPS, including navigation and tracking.

The devices are usually small and most of them are easy to install. A user just needs to plug it into the lighter or car charger port (do cars still have a lighter socket?) And make sure the device is near the GPS tracker so it can interfere with the signal. It takes less than half a minute to turn them on, which makes them attractive to criminals and employees as you can simply plug them in when needed and remove them for the rest of the time.

How do I know an employee is using a GPS jammer?

The good news is, if you have one or more employees trying to use a GPS jammer to disrupt your fleet tracking system, you know. While your drivers may think the illegal jammers are making them invisible, they are instead paying more attention to their behavior.

When an employee uses a GPS jammer to jam the GPS signal, it will show up on the live tracking map or trip history map as a paused or missing trip. If you only connect your jammer during part of the journey, a line will appear between when the jamming started and when the device was turned off. Some later GPS tracking devices even have GPS interference detection. You can also create an exception rule that checks for GPS signal errors and triggers an alert or email when GPS interference occurs.

Once you discover that an employee has disrupted the GPS tracking, you can confront them. They also have a record of the GPS malfunction for disciplinary action like firing the abusive employee for cause.

Final thoughts on GPS jammers and staff

While GPS jammers are illegal, the devices are inexpensive and easy to obtain, especially online. The FCC relies heavily on the public to report the devices, but many people are unaware that it is illegal. Studies of the number of drivers using GPS jammers to hide their whereabouts from employers are inconclusive. However, their use appears to be increasing.

While most GPS jammer users are unlikely to use them to hide illegal activity, the reason behind buying, selling, or using the devices illegally is for public safety reasons. GPS jammers interfere with communication systems, navigation systems, and tracking systems, including emergency services and aviation.

It’s interesting that workers who use them think they can fool their bosses. Instead, employers can easily monitor when and if an employee is using GPS interference and record all incidents. If you are concerned that your drivers are tempted to use the devices, it is important that you monitor your reports and confront the staff who catch you.

You can also let your drivers know that GPS jammers will not help them hide from GPS tracking and that the devices can result in not only termination of their employment but also fines and jail terms for violating federal law. Ultimately, your drivers will find that the devices are simply not worth using.

GPS disturbed: Russia is playing with America’s F-35

Russian forces have blocked GPS systems in the Middle East. The electronic warfare campaign could affect US forces gathering in the region ahead of possible strikes against Iran.

“Since last spring, pilots flying through the Middle East, particularly in Syria, have found that their GPS systems have displayed the wrong location or have stopped working,” The Times of Israel reported in late June 2019.

According to a US-based researcher, the signal that has disrupted satellite navigation for aircraft flying through Israeli airspace in recent weeks comes from a Russian air force base in Syria.

This disruption in the reception of the Global Positioning System does not appear to be specifically aimed at Israel, but rather the Jewish state is likely to be collateral damage as Moscow tries to protect its troops from drone attacks and assert its dominance in the field of electronics, Professor Todd Humphreys at the University of Texas, told The Times of Israel.

cheap signal jammers

Israeli sources “are increasingly convinced” that three weeks of GPS glitches for civilian flights is a side effect of Russian interference and spoofing in Syria, Breaking Defense reported. “Moscow is trying to interfere with both Western aircraft – including state-of-the-art secret F-22 and F-35 – and improvised terrorist drones.”

The US Air Force, which will take off in April 2019, has dispatched F-22 and F-35 stealth fighters to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, respectively, to strengthen the armed forces, while Washington, following the decision of the US President Donald Trump clashes with Tehran unilaterally for the United States to withdraw from the agreement to limit Iran’s nuclear program.

Now the situation is rife with rumors as the Israeli government eschews any official statement and continues to investigate other sources. But if Russia actually accidentally disrupts a friendly nation’s GPS, then why didn’t they stop?

The answer could lie within the confines of Russian electronic warfare, which, while far more effective than the US military [electronic warfare], is still based more on raw power than on precise aiming.

The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations and the Israeli Airports Authority announced in late June 2019 that many flights lost GPS satellite signal while flying in or out of Ben Gurion International in Israel, Breaking Defense reported. According to the IAA, there is no risk to passengers. The affected aircraft simply switched to backup systems.

“Interestingly, ground-based GPS systems are not affected,” stated Breaking Defense. “That makes the aviation GPS malfunction suspiciously specific – another sign that it is not a simple glitch, but some kind of electronic weapon. And the Russians have invested heavily in powerful spoofing systems, the wrong GPS Send signals that are up to 500 times stronger than the real ones, which leads civilian navigators astray for miles. ”

Russia also disrupted GPS in Europe

“In late October [2018], encrypted GPS signals were first discovered during NATO’s large-scale Trident Juncture exercises in Norway,” Defense News reported.

“Norwegian Intelligence said it was tracking the source of the signal blocker to a Russian military base on the nearby heavily fortified Kola Peninsula. Finnish Military Intelligence said Norway’s analysis reflected its own research and assessments.”

anti-tracking gps blocker

In late 2018, Finland and Norway filed complaints with Russia about the disruptions. “Defense and civil aviation chiefs in Finland and Norway warned that the GPS jammer posed a serious risk to military and commercial aircraft using the affected airspace in the far north,” said Defense News.

“Russia has asked (us) to provide evidence. We gave them the proof, ”Norwegian Defense Minister Frank Bakke-Jensen told Arctic Today. The evidence consisted of measurements that showed that signals had been jammed.

“Russia said, ‘Thank you, we will come back when our experts review,” said Bakke-Jensen. “To have such a response from Russia is a positive thing,” he said.

Bakke-Jensen implied the interference was intentional. “They trained very close to the border and they knew that this would affect areas on the other side,” Bakke-Jensen said of the Russians.

The US Army plans to test jam-resistant GPS systems in Europe to counter Russian electronic warfare.

The 2nd Cavalry Regiment of the Army in Germany is to receive the new interference-resistant GPS by the end of 2019.

GPS Jamming Experiment

Chronos Technology Ltd successfully demonstrated the GPS Jammer Triggered Camera technology during official GPS jamming tests at the Sennybridge Military Jammer Training Area in Wales at the end of August 2015, Lydbrook , Gloucestershire, UK.

JammerCam ™ GPS triggered camera technology Jammer was jointly developed by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Bath and Chronos Technology Ltd. This development took place within the framework of a project called “AJR”. Internet of Sensors “Feasibility study competition

The trials allowed JammerCam ™ units to be tested in an outdoor environment with a range of GPS jammer hidden in vehicles passing alone or in convoys, including cars, vans and shipping containers. Jammer-triggered camera sensor technology successfully identified and photographed the vehicle hosted by the jammer in all test cases and at all speeds and powers. Either way, the vehicle was taken at the center of the frame so that only one frame was needed, which significantly reduced the bandwidth needed between the sensor and the web server.

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The photo identifying the vehicle with jammer would then be sent over a mobile network to a web server where it is distributed as a hyperlink to target email addresses. The image can then be called up as actionable intelligence within seconds of the camera taking the jammer.

Professor Charles Curry, Managing Director of Chronos, explained: “A proof of concept system was demonstrated during the Sennybridge GPS Jamming trials in 2014 by the University of Bath. We then had to overcome some significant challenges, not the least of which was to make the system fully automatic so that it only took a photo of the vehicle hosting the jammer. We know that even low powered cigarette lighter style jammers emit enough detectable interference to create a power bubble around the vehicle, making it very difficult to determine which vehicle in heavy traffic is hosting the jammer. Our two biggest discoveries were to identify the vehicle in a convoy hosting the jammer, and detect and catch a shipping container with a low-powered jammer inside.

Jammer helps you change your lifestyle

In today’s society, people ignore their senses but take too long to get hold of cell phones. They forget to enjoy the real life of the moment, completely obsessed with digital life, which is totally unfair. So, we bring you cell phone signal interference, which will help you find peace in a good atmosphere.

Often successful belong to those who have good rituals and have more training. This cell phone jammer will teach you how to maintain a good attitude in phone life. We all know that straightforward principles and morals always mature you and make your body language adapt to the surroundings. These days, although people ignore their senses, but put too much with their own hands to get the phone. They forget to enjoy the real life of the moment, completely obsessed with digital life, which is totally unfair. So, we bring you cell phone signal interference, which will help you find peace in a good atmosphere.

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Training of winners. If you want to win in a noisy world, train yourself to adopt it? Of course not, you will be a lucky person, you can win the game, or overcome some problem, try the mobile jammer first. If you don’t practice, your win can be like a single lottery win, you can’t use in the long game. Additionally, you become more adaptable and more able to complete the reduction of unnecessary phone signals.

Can you imagine that the students who visited the museum were at the most critical stage of their lives and had no idea why they were here? They look around the knowledge and the beauty of the museum, they can well understand the meaning of it all. Great history, magnificent art, and knowledge of the ocean can make someone fall in love. Everything is harmonious, suddenly, annoy the guy took out his cell phone to call out loud, regardless of the feelings of others, to stop what will happen? Fight with him? There is no good choice here if there are cell phone jammers installed there. There is no problem with that. This is the world of interference. Now put the cell phone interrupt kit so that they understand the value of education and secular knowledge.