The unit installed a mobile phone jammer, and nearby residents’ mobile phones were all’dumb’

Is the signal bad if the mobile phone fails to get out? Not necessarily! Recently, the reporter received reports from some citizens that the mobile phone signal was clearly full, but they couldn’t make calls. They complained to the operator, but the operator said that the network signal was OK. Later, I learned that it turned out that nearby units have installed mobile phone signal jammer for quiet or confidential purposes. As long as the jammers work, the normal communication of residents within one or two kilometers of the neighborhood will also be affected.

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After investigating, the reporter found that mobile phone jammers are being used privately by units or individuals. However, in accordance with relevant regulations, the production, sale and installation of mobile phone jammers must be approved by relevant departments; the management department stated that it will strictly investigate and deal with private production, sales and installation of jammers.

User complaint: mobile phone signal is full but unable to dial out

Mr. Fang, who lives in a city in the Pearl River Delta, and his neighbors recently discovered that the mobile phone communication near his home is always not smooth. A cell phone that clearly shows full signal is often unable to dial out near home. Mr. Fang reported to the local mobile operator many times, but the operator replied that the network was OK after many tests. Later, it was finally discovered that a gas station near Mr. Fang’s home had installed a mobile phone jammer for safety reasons. As long as the jammer works, mobile phones within a range of one or two kilometers will be interfered.

The reporter found out that many government agencies, movie theaters, concert halls, gas stations and other units in China have installed cell phone jammers for confidentiality, security or quietness. In the province, second- and third-tier cities in eastern and northern Guangdong are more common, and Guangzhou and Shenzhen are also used occasionally. A person in charge of the theater said that although the audience was reminded to adjust the mobile phone to vibrate before each performance, the effect was minimal, and the installation of a mobile phone jammer solved these problems.

According to the user’s “good wishes”, mobile phone jammers only cause interference to the downlink mobile phone signals within the range of the use unit; but in fact, because many mobile phone jammers have excessive working power and interfere with mobile phone signals in all frequency bands, they not only The user unit itself has also had a serious impact on the normal mobile phone communication of nearby residents, turning their mobile phones into intermittent “dumb”.

According to industry insiders, the working principle of a mobile phone jammer is to cancel out the electromagnetic waves of the mobile phone by emitting radio waves of the same frequency, so that the connection between the mobile phone and the base station is cut off and cannot be used. However, the performance of the mobile phone signal may be full. In this way, users in the same area at the same time find that the signal is full but cannot dial out and dial more desperately, which can easily cause the signal of the operator’s base station to be blocked, or even paralyzed due to overwhelming burden. .

Insiders: the use of mobile phone jammers must be approved

An industry insider told reporters that most of the mobile jammers sold through online channels and in various communication cities do not have the legal procedures for production and sales, and most of the units or individuals who buy mobile jammers also use them. I don’t know that the use of mobile phone jammers requires approval. The radio management departments of various localities stated that they have noticed that many units have produced and installed mobile phone jammers without authorization, saying that their actions violated the above-mentioned relevant regulations. Be severely investigated.

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