Example of installation of UAV countermeasure equipment by cultural relics protection unit

UAV “black flying” harm

There are blind spots in the supervision of drones in my country, and the large-scale use of drones brings hidden dangers to public safety. Drones that were originally used for legal purposes are increasingly being used for criminal purposes. The public has become increasingly aware of the harm that drones may cause. UAVs can smuggle drugs; UAVs can spy on privacy/technology; UAVs can affect civil aviation – close to collisions; UAVs may appear in sensitive areas, key locations, cultural heritage protection units and government facilities; UAVs may even Can shoot automatically…

Because the intrusion of drones has brought great harm to everyone’s lives, many units have begun to install drone countermeasures. Let’s take a look at this fixed drone counter independently developed by Texin Electronics. Control the efficiency of the equipment.

anti uav jammers remote control

On September 20, 2019, Shenzhen Texin Electronics installed a set of fixed drone signal jammer in the cultural relics protection unit of Zunyi City, Guizhou. The interference range of the current frequency hopping aircraft on the market is more than 1 km, and the interference frequency band controls 2.4G and 5.8. G is positioned at 1.5G to achieve the effect of driving away the forced landing. The 1.5km drone cannot fly into the cultural relic unit.

Men’s basketball game reporters restricted due to negative closing venue signal shielding

The 12th National Games enters the final day, and the competition will end today. The closing ceremony of the current National Games will also be held at 4 pm today. According to the notice received by the National Games Propaganda Department last night, the men’s basketball finals interview reporters will implement a quota allocation system, and the closing ceremony will use cell phone signal jammer for communication control.

Powerful signal jammer device

Not long after the men’s basketball semi-finals ended on the evening of the 11th, around 22:00, many reporters covering the National Games received a text message. This official notice from the National Games Propaganda Department stated: Adopt reporters to implement a quota allocation system” and attach the phone number of the forecast name.

The phone of the media director of the Tiexi Gymnasium in Shenyang Division instantly became a “hotline”, and the incoming calls were almost unbroken. More than 50 calls came in within an hour. And these reporters have only one purpose, which is to win interviews for tomorrow’s men’s basketball final.

According to the person in charge, according to the notice issued by the superior, there will be only 20 photojournalists in the men’s basketball final at 13:00 tomorrow, and the relevant photo vest must be obtained to enter the infield. At this time, it is almost impossible for reporters who call to make an appointment to get another photography spot. They can only “register first, and then see the situation.” Regardless of whether it is from the central government, the Liaoning and Guangdong sides in the finals, other provinces, cities, and even Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan reporters, they can basically get the quota of journalists.

For such a difficult situation, the person in charge is also very embarrassed. “That is 20 places. Xinhua News Agency and CCTV will account for one half. Other mainstream media such as Liaoning and Guangdong will also Give priority to it, so I can only ask media reporters to understand.”

Immediately afterwards, the National Games Propaganda Office issued a notice on the closing ceremony interview. The original text read: “On September 12, during the National Games closing ceremony, communication control will be implemented on the closing ceremony venues, and mobile phone calls cannot be made in the venues. , You can’t use your mobile phone to access the Internet. Please understand that this will cause inconvenience to your work.”

When the reporter called the relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Office, the news was confirmed. As for the consideration of “communication control”, the other party’s initial response was “just received a notice from the superior, and it is not clear.” But then, the Propaganda Office replied: “The main reason for communication control is to worry about malicious hype about the National Games during the closing ceremony, hoping to guide positive reports on the National Games.”

Explain the function of GPS jammer and how to use GPS jammer

When buying and using a vehicle mortgage, it is best to configure a GPS jammer within a certain stage. Especially some car dealers who hand over the car and buy the mortgaged car, in other words, once they receive the car, they can turn on the gps signal jammer and put one in the car, and one more in the car trunk! When the shield is turned on, you can be assured of peace of mind during the round trip with the car. However, the jammer cannot be activated 24 hours a day, so after the safety reaches your own chassis, you must find a technical professional to investigate the GPS by yourself, and also modify the GPS positioning equipment and mortise locks, key changes and other security guards to prevent mistakes. just in case.

1. Understand the GPS jammer
GPS jammers (jammers) can reasonably prevent tracking by GPS communication satellites, reasonably affect GPS communication satellite signals, and maintain your track privacy protection and information business secrets.

2. The function of GPS jammer
The GPS signal is the same as the signal on the mobile phone, and it is very susceptible to the influence of electronic components. The signal jammer can shield all the signals in a certain range, so that all the communication devices in the range lose the signal. The installation of a GPS locator on the car enables buyers to easily find their own car on the GPS monitoring management platform. As everyone knows, such a good product is also found by criminals to find loopholes. If you buy a signal blocker on Taobao, Turn on when the car is stolen, there will be no signal in the car, and the car will go offline on the service platform, as if the whereabouts of the car are unknown, you can’t find it anyway.

3. Disadvantages of GPS locator
I have to admit that the GPS jammer also has disadvantages for the user. The signal jammer is only temporarily turned on, and it is unlikely to be turned on all the time. If he turns off the jammer, the GPS locator will have a signal again. Drivers can quickly find the stolen car based on precise positioning information.

gps car signal jammer

In addition to signal jammers, some people will also say that they will use signal detectors to find out and destroy GPS locators. Yes, this is also an objective fact, but this is only valid for some GPS devices. If the GPS tracker is in the dormant state most of the time, the signal detector will not be able to detect it! what happened?

For example, some ultra-long standby GPS locators can only be awakened once a day. After being awakened, the precise positioning information of the vehicle is sent back to the buyer’s network platform and then it enters the dormant state. In the dormant state, it is Without a signal, it is absolutely impossible for car thieves to detect it! In addition, it is also free of wireless network installation. There is no wiring on the surface of the machine and equipment. It can be placed anywhere on the car (if it does not have to be placed in an area blocked by the signal). It is very concealed for engineering safety.

How to use GPS jammer

The GPS jammer can indeed shield GPS signals, but it has disadvantages. It will shield all signals in the car! In other words, a car thief is unlikely to use communication devices such as mobile phones near the car. If he cannot find and destroy the GPS device, he has to always turn on the shield, otherwise, he will eventually expose his behavior. Therefore, how to use GPS jammers must ensure the following:
1. The GPS jammer can be used when picking up the car, so even if there are tricks, there is no need to be afraid.
2. When you return to your own area, you don’t need to shut down, first find an auto repair shop to carry out major demolition. Make sure it is clean and tidy before closing.
3. For safety reasons, a car can continue to use GPS jammers for more than half a year. And to ensure that the GPS jammer can work normally for 24 hours.

During the college entrance examination, mobile phone signals in certain areas will be affected by interference

It’s the time of the annual college entrance examination again. The 2020 national college entrance examination will be held from July 7th to 9th. I wish customers who have candidates to get good news! Because each test center will turn on the high power jammer device during the test period, it will affect The wireless network quality of mobile phone users around the test center, such as: frequent inability to make or receive calls, intermittent calls, slow mobile Internet access, etc. You can return to normal after the exam. Please tell each other.

Desktop high-power jammer

Although the time for the college entrance examination this year was affected by the epidemic and was postponed to July 7-8, in order to ensure the information security of the examination room, the corresponding measures have not been reduced at all. Operators have issued announcements that during the exam period, the wireless signal jammer will be turned on in accordance with the requirements of the Education Bureau, which will affect the communication quality of mobile phone users around the school. The communication will not return to normal until the end of the exam.

The principle of shielding mobile phone signal with college entrance examination jammer

The cell phone signal jammer scans from the low frequency band of the forward channel (the channel from the signal tower to the mobile phone) to the high frequency band at a certain speed during the working process, and forms interference when the mobile phone receives the message signal, so that the mobile phone cannot detect The normal data sent by the base station prevents the establishment of a connection with the base station and presents a state of no signal and no service.

At present, the mobile phone signal jammers used in the examination room are all full frequency bands, which can affect all the frequency bands of the three operators 2G/3G/4G/5G, and WIFI signals and Bluetooth signals can also be shielded.

Finally, Texin Electronics wishes the majority of candidates a victory and a title of gold list!

Detention center mobile phone signal jammer solution

In order to meet the needs of the new situation, improve the scientific and technological prevention capabilities of the detention center, strengthen the scientific and technological management level of the detention center, promote the construction of digital information detention center, promote the harmonious and stable development of the detention center, and continuously improve the modernization level of the detention center work, it is necessary to scientifically and effectively monitor the mobile phone signals in the detention center. Control and prevent the hidden dangers caused by illegal use of mobile phones.

The establishment of a cell phone signal shielding system in the detention center complies with the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Justice and the spirit of the document. At the same time, it also has an urgent need. During the implementation of the mobile phone signal shielding system in the detention center, the shielding of the internal area of ​​the building should take into account the distance between the residents (schools) and other public facilities in the area where the building is located, and also refer to the distance and signal strength of the surrounding communication rack base stations. Affect the normal communication of mobile phone signals in surrounding public facilities for network shielding.

22 Antennas Wireless Signal Jammer

At the same time, the requirement for full coverage and shielding of mobile phone signals within the detention center should also be considered. Outdoor high power jammer can be used for inward coverage of wall coverings to ensure the shielding of mobile phone signals in all areas. At the same time, it is aimed at possible blind spots in the detention center building , The missing point is used to repair the mobile phone signal jammer, so as to give full play to the product performance and greatly improve the jammer effect.

Product features of cell phone signal jammer:

1. Six-channel cross-shielding to achieve the best shielding effect. The shielding includes GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS, TD-SCDMA, CDMA2000, WCDMA, 4G

2. Effective segmentation, only interferes with the downlink, and does not cause interference to the base station;

3. The power indicator light on the fuselage is so that the height of the suspension is higher than the line of sight range, and the shielding work can also be understood through the indicator light below.

4. Imported chips to ensure quality and stability;

5. Built-in power supply to prevent malicious damage by criminals and ensure the life of the machine;

6. Dual-channel metal industrial switching power supply, truly realizing uninterrupted and sustainable work;

7. Low-power machines, green and safe, do not pose a threat to health.

How to obtain a high-power WIFI signal jammer?

Nowadays, people have very strict requirements on many signal interference equipment. Of course, everyone needs to obtain equipment that can meet their requirements at a preferential price, while also designing high-tech and powerful interference functions. Come to Texin Electronics, you will have the opportunity to obtain high-quality wifi jammer equipment.

high quality blocker

After widely using different types of signals in daily life, it is really necessary and necessary to avoid negative effects on the signals in work or daily life. This is why more and more signal interference with good designs and new designs The equipment is well received by people. And now the newly designed 8-antenna signal jammer is really very powerful, just in this paragraph, the real example of this high-power 8-antenna signal jammer will be introduced to you here, you have the opportunity to look through the following content in detail This kind of high-power multi-purpose signal blocker is introduced.

First, just look at the name of this high-power multifunctional signal blocker, and then you will know that the full name of this example is “16W 8-antenna high-power desktop 3G 4G mobile phone Bluetooth jammer”, which of course is designed with 8 antennas and Observing the interference frequency band, you will of course be attracted by it, because this high-power 8-antenna signal interference device can cut off the signal time of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G 4G LTE 4G Wimax WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time, which is really powerful. On the other hand, the shielding range of this desktop WiFi 3G 4G mobile phone jammer is also very strong, because the interference range is up to 50 meters in detailed places based on the intensity of the information.

The manufacturer’s opinion about the installation plan of the cell phone signal jammer in the factory

With the increasing popularity of mobile phones, the number of mobile users in China has exceeded 900 million a few years ago. The current mobile phone automation functions continue to expand. In addition to basic voice calls and short message functions, they also enjoy digital cameras and surveillance. More application functions such as camera, voice recorder, and Internet. The application of these smart phones greatly facilitates the communication and communication between people, facilitates the carrier of information, and enriches people’s lives. However, while mobile phones are actively promoting social development, there are many problems caused by the proliferation of mobile phones. The disadvantages brought about, for example, in the production workshops or assembly lines of some large factory enterprises:

16 Antennas Signal Jammer

Cell phone signal jammer manufacturers analyze why they should install signal jammers in the factory:

1. During production, workers often stop their work to answer mobile phones or reply to text messages due to a sudden call or text message.

2. Although some factories or enterprises require workers not to use mobile phones when working, there are always unconscious people who use mobile phones secretly.

3. Some workshops require a quiet operating environment, and the work environment is disturbed by someone’s sudden ringtone, and the normal work of others is affected.

4. In some assembly lines, if an employee makes a call or flips through a mobile phone, it will cause the continuity of the entire assembly line and affect production efficiency.

5. The production and processing process, processing technology, and product information of some companies belong to the company’s commercial secrets, but at any time they may be used by individual employees with ulterior motives to take photos and video recordings of smartphones. It is easy to keep confidential information outside. vent.

6. Some chemical companies that are explosion-proof and flame-proof products must strictly restrict and prevent the use of mobile phones in the factory.

To sum up, the widespread use of mobile phones is a double-edged sword. The benefits of mobile phones need not be expressed too much, but for some special places, the use of mobile phones should be restricted or even prohibited. In some special places, such as workshops, the use of mobile phones is restricted. Traditionally, relying on enumerating rules and regulations, personnel supervision, and punishment systems cannot completely eliminate and eliminate the proliferation of mobile phones. At present, it is more feasible from the perspective of technical products. The solution is to install mobile phone signal jammers or mobile phone signal shielding systems in appropriate locations in the factory area. Each mobile phone signal jammer can cover a certain area, and these coverage areas can be formed into area coverage in the form of cellular networking. Complete signal shielding to reach large areas.

The current mobile phone signal shielding projects have been able to do, for all types of mobile phone signals on the market: GSM (Mobile, Unicom), CDMA, DCS (1800MHz), PSH (PHS), 3G (including TD, WCDMA, CDMA200) , 4G, etc. are all effectively shielded. If the customer needs to add WIFI and Bluetooth shielding, it can also be added.

The current mainstream hand signal jammer manufacturers usually work in two ways:

1. Simply install a mobile phone signal jammer to achieve the most basic mobile phone signal shielding function.

2. The mobile phone signal jammer + intelligent control system is an intelligent mobile phone shielding solution in the same industry in China. It can realize the remote centralized control of any one or a group of mobile phone signal jammers, It can perform fault self-checking, alarm, automatic timing control, unattended operation and other humanized management functions for mobile phone signal jammers.

How to know the shielding range of indoor mobile phone signal jammer?

Many customers call and say that I need a cell phone signal jammer that can shield a radius of 50 meters, an interval of 500 meters, and a radius of one kilometer. It also needs to be shielded by China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom. Is there a problem with the customer’s request? No problem, and a specific interval requirement is given, but can it be completed? The answer is that it is more difficult to achieve. Why is it more difficult to achieve? Isn’t the signal jammer’s parameters marked with its own shielding interval, can it be done if you put a few more units according to this interval? In fact, it is not the case, the customer is not wrong, but they don’t know the signal jammer The shielding plan is not a fixed value. How to understand it? Texin Electronics will give you an explanation.

The signal jammer scans the low-end frequency to the high-end of the channel at a certain speed during the operation process. This scanning speed can constitute garbled interference in the message signal received by the mobile phone, causing the mobile phone to fail to detect the normal microwave signal data announced from the base station , Make the mobile phone unable to establish the connection with the base station within a certain plan, to achieve the purpose of shielding the mobile phone signal.

high power signal jammer

Simply speaking, the frequency announced by the mobile phone signal jammer disturbs the mobile phone to receive the frequency of the base station. The jammer and the base station are destined to be a competition connection. If the transmission power of the signal jammer is less than the channel that the base station transmits to the mobile phone in the environment at that time Power, then the jammer will not be able to shield, only the power of the signal jammer is greater than the power delivered by the base station to the mobile phone in order to effectively shield. Therefore, any shielding device used in different signal environments will show different shielding intervals, and mobile, China Unicom and telecommunications will be different, because the base station density, base station orientation and base station power built by these three operators cannot be the same of.

In other words, how many meters the mobile phone signal jammer can shield is not only related to its own transmission power, but also to the distance between the base stations in the use environment (base stations are not limited to large-scale transmission towers built on the ground, but also buildings. The signal expansion antenna on the top and the signal expansion and dispersion made in some buildings), another important factor is obstacles, if it is a metal material, it will directly block; if it is a solid wall of reinforced concrete, it will be less attenuated after penetration 10 times; if it is wood board or glass material, the attenuation after penetration is relatively small.

So next time there are customers who say how many meters apart they need to be shielded, they must ask about the distance between the base stations in the environment, and whether they are used indoors or outdoors, whether they need to penetrate walls, etc. Customers can contact us to learn about the use of signal jammers. Only by understanding these can they better choose the appropriate signal jammer for customers.

The protection of business secrets in conference rooms still requires the application of mobile phone signal jammers

Encryption protection of trade secrets still requires mobile phone jammer

Business is always a risk, and everything about how you make a decision depends on you, or whether you are up or down. The success of a business depends not only on decision-making, but also on profitable transactions. In this case, trade secrets are one of the critical moments. After all, if competitors are aware of pending transactions that may harm them, they will do everything they can to prevent this from happening. Protecting your confidential information and preventing unnecessary ears can only block your phone. Any company can afford such equipment because it can save more.

Due to its light weight and portability, the jammer can provide excellent protection for any spyware to protect your information and prevent leakage.

Before trading or revoking new products, presentations, and other secret developments, any large company should protect itself and its technology or capital. Better equipment-can suppress any GSM signal and interfere with the work of the recorder, can be purchased at a fairly affordable price.

super power signal jammers

Basically, the device is represented by a portable cell phone signal jammer , and they can’t even guess that this will make the defense more effective and help deter saboteurs whose purpose is company confidential information.

The easy way to protect yourself with GSM jammers is to buy common portable mobile phone jammers in our store. The device can mute radio signals at a sufficiently large distance. They are often used in public places, conference rooms, and leadership offices.

GSM jammer can be portable and fixed, can eliminate cellular communication channel, wireless camera and microphone communication channel. The scope of such equipment depends on many factors:

These devices only interfere with specified frequencies, so any other devices within their operating range will work as usual. For example, if the GSM network is muted, then Wi-Fi will work. The jammer has no effect on any other equipment or personnel.

The most popular is the portable jammer, which has gained many admirers due to its compactness and powerful functions. The jammer is easy to bag, can mute the signal to a radius of up to 10 meters, and has a powerful built-in battery to keep the device running for 5 hours.

The device is used to protect personal information in cars, and it can also be large rooms, offices and jamming pinhole cameras, which are common eavesdropping methods.

Function of jammer

The jammer works unknowingly, so those who wish to record something on a tape recorder will be pleasantly surprised when they hear the material. The jammer completely blocks all signals and the phone can no longer be used.

The radius of the device: about 10 meters, their features are not lower than the fixed models, but in some ways they win them. In addition, the jammer has a built-in battery, which allows you to use the jammer without a nearby 220V fixed network.

Install a weighbridge jammer, one-third less cargo

Recently, the Nanyang Police Station of the Shijiazhuang Chang’an Sub-bureau destroyed a criminal gang that used weighbridge jammer to steal property. Xu is the person in charge of a heating pipe fittings factory. Since the beginning of this year, when his factory sold waste heating pipe fittings, the number of the factory did not match the actual quantity. It was suspected that someone had done tricks on the floor scale.

super power signal jammers

On October 19, 2020, Xu also negotiated a deal with Liu, who purchased waste heating pipe fittings. Liu Moumou took someone to install the accessories of a certain Xu truck and drag it to the weighing house in the west of a certain village in Chang’an District. After weighing the pounds, Xu felt that there was no shortage of cargo in this truck, so he reported the case. The police from the Nanyang Police Station rushed to the scene immediately and took control of Liu Xumou and others and the weighing house owner Dong Xumou. The weighing jammer was seized on the weighbridge at the scene.

After interrogation, Liu XX and Dong XX confessed that before the weighing, one of Liu’s parties who purchased the accessories had sent someone to install the jammer on the floor scale, and controlled the floor scale when weighing to reduce the weight of the goods. After calculation, the weight of Xu’s vehicle accessories was reduced by one-third, and the direct economic loss reached more than 23,000 yuan.

At present, the criminal suspects Liu Moumou and Dong Moumou have been detained under criminal law, and the case is under further trial.