Anti-UAV Technology Development Prospect and Impact Analysis

With the rapid development of military and civilian UAV technology, especially the successful development of reconnaissance/attack integrated UAV, the development of the “swarm” attack mode, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of using traditional missiles and shells against UAVs The problem is getting more and more prominent. At present, all countries are stepping up the launch of strategies for UAV defense and promoting the rapid development of anti-UAV technology and equipment. Compared with missiles, the use of electromagnetic interference and lasers to counter unmanned aerial vehicles has the advantages of speed, flexibility, and high cost-effectiveness, and has attracted the attention of various countries. The successful development and testing of a batch of anti-UAV equipment in the United States and Europe has provided efficient and low-cost measures to defend against possible future drone threats.

Drone Jammer Interception System

In recent years, unmanned aerial vehicle technology has spread rapidly and widely, and a large number of remote-controlled helicopters and multi-rotor aircraft that are easy to control have appeared. Unexpected incidents related to unmanned aerial vehicles have frequently occurred, posing challenges to security and public order management. In the future, drone jammer technology will play an important role in the security field. In addition, the anti-UAV system is an emerging equipment that will help promote the development of technologies in the fields of microsystems, electromagnetic spectrum, and directed energy.

Overflying drones brings security risks anti-drone systems become the main force

The development of unmanned aerial vehicle technology has threatened the safety of many fields, especially some indiscriminate flying drones, which has brought security risks to important places such as airports. In order to be able to effectively prevent the occurrence of dangers and to effectively solve the interference of drones, Beijing Shenzhou Mingda Company has made great efforts to develop anti-UAV defense systems to protect safety and privacy in various fields. As an expert in anti-UAV systems, Beijing Shenzhou Mingda has developed various types of anti-UAV products, which are applied in various fields and scopes, and become the main force in combating unmanned aerial vehicles.

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It is understood that the Greatjammer drone jammer mainly uses signal infection technology. Through advanced interference technology, the signal between the drone and the operator is blocked, and the data transmission is cut off to ensure that information is not leaked. Not only that, the Beijing Shenzhou Mingda counter-UAV system can also detect commercial small UAVs, and use signal interference technology to locate the invading UAV in mid-air, and at the same time, change the UAV’s route and target. Drive them out of defensive airspace, or prevent other UAVs from entering the airspace over areas that are prevented and controlled by counter UAV systems. The most important thing is that Beijing Shenzhou Mingda has continuously upgraded its drone technology during its development process. No matter what kind of drone it is, it will be detected by the Beijing Shenzhou Mingda UAV countermeasure system and be effective. Interference, there will never be any slipping fish. As the industry’s leading manufacturer of UAV countermeasures, Beijing Shenzhou Mingda has leading anti-UAV technology, guaranteed product quality and good interference countermeasures. It is a wise choice for all walks of life to counter UAVs.

In the future, many companies’ anti-drones will become the focus of development

Countries all over the world have accelerated the pace of development in the field of drones. Many countries and companies regard it as the most attractive piece of cake in the military industry market. Under the impetus of this cake, the development of drones will naturally mean buying drones. Become a trend. However, spears and shields are always relative terms. With the booming development of drones, some countries have also invested in research on how to counter drones. Many companies in our country are naturally not far behind, such as Beijing Shenzhou. Mingda’s anti-UAV technology is favored by many customers at home and abroad due to its excellent performance and quality. Because they have successfully solved the existing deadly threats from drones by using its anti-drone technology.

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According to the official website of Beijing Shenzhou Mingda, the total sales of their company’s drone jammer sales are expected to exceed about 200 million US dollars. At the same time, the market will increase to about 1 billion US dollars in about 2-3 years. The total amount of these transactions in the global arms market is not high, but it can be regarded as the performance of a major breakthrough in the field of anti-UAV by Beijing Shenzhou Mingda. The outstanding performance of Beijing Shenzhou Mingda’s anti-UAV technology is due to a series of anti-UAV control products developed by the company in recent years. The company launched the DZ01 bag single-soldier portable low-altitude UAV control system in early 2017. , Launched the third-generation product DZ01 PRO gun-type single-soldier portable low-altitude UAV control system in May 2017, and officially launched the fourth-generation portable four-channel strike gun DZ03 PRO in 2019. The latest generation strike gun has a higher single-channel power , The interference distance is longer than the previous two generations of products (the interference distance is more than 2.5 kilometers), and the current advanced interference technology is adopted to deal with the interference of the flight control signal and the navigation signal to achieve a faster and more accurate interference effect. Really achieve long interference distance, low radiation, lightness, and simple use. Individual soldiers are portable and can achieve non-destructive precision strikes against drones from the sky!

Can the test signal blocker block all communication signals?

Can the test signal jammer shield all communication signals? Speaking of which, many people are unfamiliar with the test signal jammer device. In fact, it has been widely used in the college entrance examination examination room. In the college entrance examination last year, many examination rooms installed this kind of equipment. The response has been very good, and it has been proven to have a good effect on preventing electronic signal cheating. Starting this year, it has been vigorously promoted so that more examination rooms can also install shields.

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Nowadays, the emergence of shielding device has solved many hidden dangers of disrupting the order in the examination room, so that candidates can take the exam in a fair environment. The principle of this kind of test signal jammer is actually to isolate the electronic signal to make the communication signal of the mobile phone fail, which can prevent the phenomenon of using mobile phones to cheat. Not only that, it also has a good shielding effect for the WIFI2.4G signal. Say that the effective range is within a radius of 0 to 30 meters, generally a low-power test signal jammer is enough to cover an entire classroom, which meets the needs of the test room for shielding signals, and because the endurance of this equipment is generally three Although the heat dissipation is poor, it also leads to a particularly high price/performance ratio. It is especially suitable for schools to purchase signal shielding for examination rooms. Many customers have troubles about the purchase of test signal jammers. At this time, you can contact greatjammer to inquire about the price of test signal jammers. It is a manufacturer with many years of high-quality and rich experience in the development of jammers. It has one The first-class technical team provides technical support for product quality, which is deeply favored and selected by customers.

How to choose a high-performance test signal jammer?

How to choose a high-performance test signal jammer device? As we all know, a good test signal jammer needs to be involved in many aspects. Not only does the product have higher performance and better quality assurance, but it also needs to have an affordable price. After all, there are many choices of jammers on the market today, but Customers often want to choose the most satisfactory one from them. This is also for the purpose of achieving the most cost-effective consideration. So is there a manufacturer that can do this?

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For many schools, as the day of the college entrance examination is approaching, they are now preparing equipment and materials for the examination room everywhere. Among them, the test signal jammer is undoubtedly a very important one, because it is an effective way to prevent the examination room There are high-tech equipment for cheating. Therefore, schools are very cautious about the choice of cheating devices for exam signals. They must have professional strength and happy equipment. Among them, Beijing Shenzhou Mingda Company is a company that can provide customers with High-performance jammers, as a professional manufacturer, has brought more professional technical support to many customers over the years, made targeted research on customer needs, and finally gave customers products that can be implemented. Program. Friends who have doubts about purchasing are welcome to contact Beijing Shenzhou Mingda to consult the price of test signal jammers. Here are the best quality equipment and the most complete services. All products have undergone strict quality inspections, and each production process is treated almost harshly. Strive to bring customers the most outstanding products. After years of development, we have reached several cooperations with many customers and have been highly praised. It is a more wise choice. Welcome customers to come and buy.

What is the difference between the experimental data and the actual data of the test signal jammer?

What is the difference between the experimental data and the actual data of the test signal jammer device? Now that the college entrance examination season is approaching, the examination rooms of major schools are getting busy because they have to make preparations in advance for the arrangement of the examination rooms, and they have to purchase a batch of equipment in advance. This is the test signal shield. This kind of equipment that can effectively prevent electronic signal cheating in the college entrance examination is also a very popular method in major examinations. We all know that its effective range is differentiated according to the size of the power, and this data is generally purchased It is written on the instruction manual when the equipment comes back. At this time, new questions will arise. How much is the difference between the experimental data of the test signal shield and the actual data?

Desktop 5g jammer

​To answer this question, you must first know what is called experimental data. The meaning of experimental data is that the test signal shield is in an open environment, and there are no base stations and other things that affect the magnetic strength within 500 meters. The shielding range produced ; What about the actual data? This is very clear, because when the test signal jammer is actually put into use, it is not clear how far the base station is from the test room, or whether there is a need to penetrate walls, so in general, the actual data of the jammer It needs to be actually put into use to know. Now when choosing an exam signal jammer, you must choose a professional one, and a professional machine must be provided by a professional manufacturer. Among them, Gteatjammer is a professional manufacturer with many years of experience in the research and development of exam signal jammers. Its product quality experience is strictly quality inspection. Each product is trustworthy, and it has gained the trust and affirmation of many customers. It is a wise choice worth buying.

How to prevent eavesdropping in the car?

The ever-changing technology also makes it easier to expose people’s privacy to the public’s vision. Recently, a small gsm eavesdropping on the market is very popular. It is understood that many buyers install this type of eavesdropping device in the car. Many people also responded to our colleagues that they were afraid that their private conversations would be eavesdropped. This kind of eavesdropping equipment can be installed in a very hidden place and is not easy to be found. Even many professional anti-eavesdropping equipment cannot be detected. What is it? The reason?

It is understood that this gsm bug is only the size of a coin. It can be placed in the car, or it can be attached to a certain place on the car using a magnetic device. What is more, it can be placed in a place that is difficult for people to detect (such as the instrument In the built-in electrical equipment), the driver’s conversation information can be recorded unconsciously. Of course, the eavesdropper may also receive a car battery or a large-capacity battery for continuous GSM tracker. On the other hand, this makes the threat more persistent and keeps the privacy of the eavesdropped being stolen. This GSM bug can be placed in a hidden place in the office or at home, such as under the desk or built-in in household electronic devices such as alarm clocks, TVs, and chargers. It is very hidden. The power supply under the table may be cut off and may be unintentionally discovered, but it is not only difficult to be detected when it is built into an electrical appliance, but it can also be directly used for indefinite long-term work. Illegal tracking of vehicles, eavesdropping of conversations in vehicles, and eavesdropping of private households are illegal acts and a great threat to personal privacy, and should be paid attention to.

Why is this kind of eavesdropper so difficult to detect? Because it is an analog mobile phone signal, it is mixed in many mobile phone signals, and it is not easy to detect. Even if some professional detection equipment is not operated by someone who is very familiar with wireless signals, it may be No results are found. When the eavesdropper dials the phone card number in the eavesdropper in a remote place, the eavesdropper starts to work, and the surrounding sounds are transmitted to the eavesdropper through the mobile phone signal. Tracking and positioning. It is always threatening people’s normal work and life.

gsm 3g 4g signal blocker

For such a very concealed eavesdropping device, should it be located and swept away? The following is a practical anti-eavesdropping GSM jammer recommended by the security experts of Shenzhou Mingda, because the working principle of gsm eavesdropping device is similar to that of mobile phones, so The mobile phone detector can well detect the source of such gsm bugs, so as to find the eavesdropping equipment, remove hidden dangers, and completely eliminate the threat of eavesdropping and tracking. It can find hidden mobile phones in the environment (turn on or off, even without batteries). It is a short-range mobile phone scanner, which is different from traditional metal detectors: it can detect the common material of all mobile phones, not just for metal, which can reduce false alarms for other metal materials, such as watches , Keys, coins, belt buckles, etc. This anti-eavesdropping detector is very easy to use. It can quickly complete environmental security detection and find hidden mobile phones in time (even if they are covered by metal or packages can be detected). The device is easy to operate, with LCD interface display, and 9V battery power supply, which is convenient to carry. It can help car owners to detect eavesdropping on their cars.

New anti-drone guns impose order in the sky

In recent years, drones have become a rare pastime for amateurs. Now drones are everywhere, from people taking selfies, to commercial photography, to search and rescue missions.

Because of its ubiquity, accidents started to happen. The sky has become a drone infestation, and laws must be enacted to maintain order in the air, mainly in cities and airports. Due to their number and ability to carry all kinds of luggage, they have also become a serious threat to security expert review.

As mentioned earlier, it is not uncommon for drones to almost collide with aircraft, and drones equipped with cameras (or worse, explosives) may pose unique threats to the safety of the ground and facilities. However, in most cases, there are not many safe methods to deal with them.

Now, a new device that looks like a weapon in science fiction uses electromagnetic signals to knock drones out of the air quickly and safely.

drone jammer gun high power

Drone jammer guns are described as providing “safety countermeasures against various drone models.” It allows controlled management of UAV payloads (such as explosives) without causing damage to common UAV models or the surrounding environment. “This anti-drone device weighs about 8 kilograms and has an effective range of up to 1 km. It can be used on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. As far as design is concerned, it will not be used by Stormtroopers in Star Wars movies.

It is very simple: you point the gun at the drone and pull the trigger. Transmit a series of electromagnetic signals and block the connection between the drone and its pilot. It uses radio frequencies to stop the drone from transmitting video and block the drone’s signal, forcing it to return to the launch point or land on the spot. “If the drone’s response is to go back to the beginning, this provides an opportunity to track it back to the operator.

Of course, there are other high-end technologies that can also attack aerial drones. It is an automatic defense strike system for drones.

Thanks to the invention of GPS jammer to make us safer

With the development of science and technology, people have invented many new useful devices. These products are created according to people’s needs. For example, the invention of the watch is a time when people can know what time is now, and make people have a stronger sense of time and plan to do things. Why are these GPS shields so popular?

GPS trackers have been invented and they have their own market. GPS trackers are a very important invention of the police and military. For the police, GPS trackers can help them easily track criminals. In order to create a thorough criminal gang and catch the criminal gang, it is very important for the safety of the police and the people. For the military, GPS trackers can accurately locate the enemy’s location and send information to us, which is an excellent tool for our military activities.

Although GPS trackers have such excellent functions, GPS trackers are mainly used to track and locate installed personnel. We can use this device and it will also be used by criminals. For some people’s crimes, it may threaten people’s lives and property. All things in the world based on the laws of nature are car GPS jammers invented by people, which specialize in GPS trackers. This kind of equipment is not allowed for private use in many countries, and it is worried that it will affect the police tracking signal criminal groups.

The use of GPS tracking equipment to track events is not rare, and it is very common in our daily lives, whether it is for individuals or cars. GPS trackers can be purchased online in many shops, and with the advancement of science and technology, its design is becoming more and more concealed, easy to hide and install, even if you walk by your side, you are likely to be installed. Therefore, more and more people can buy GPS signal jammers to ensure their safety and personal safety, which can not only be used effectively for GPS tracking devices, but also be vigilant, because you never know when you will install GPS Tracking equipment.

cheap phone jammer for sale

The invention of GPS jammers provides people with a layer of protection, not only for their own safety, but also for their cars. People are grateful for the invention of GPS signal jammer, which makes them no longer worry about being tracked by GPS trackers and posing a threat to their safety.

GPS jammers and GPS tracking devices are very important to the police and the military. Based on the principle of making them safer, many products are currently marketed and demanded by people, and people’s lives can be protected by layers. The advancement of technology and the invention of car GPS signal jammers have provided them with important protection measures.

To have a GPS shielding device to protect you, choosing a portable GPS signal jammer is your good choice.

Why do schools use mobile phone jammers?

We used to be students in the school. We know that the school has a box similar to the size of a speaker. This is what we call a mobile phone jammer. Why do schools install mobile phone jammers? The answer is obvious: mobile phone signal jammers will block mobile phone signals and prevent mobile phone use.

The main reason for the installation of mobile phone shielding devices in school equipment is the increase in the number of students using mobile phones. Almost every student has a smartphone. They cannot control the use of mobile phones well, whether it is in class or during class time. Part of the time is spent on mobile phones. What do they use mobile phones for? Many teachers find that students now mainly use mobile phones to play popular games. Games have become an important part of their lives. Many topics they talk about in daily life are also related to games.

cheap portable wifi signal jammer

Students use mobile phones in many ways, the main purposes are different, but almost all have nothing to do with learning. The way of learning is very bad. The influence of mobile phones occupies most of their time. They spend very little time on study and rest, which not only affects their studies, but is detrimental to their bodies and growth. In addition, the school knows that the use of mobile phones by students will greatly affect the various ranking factors of the school and the construction of school style, which has a very unfavorable effect on the development of the school.

There are several reasons for the installation of mobile jammers in schools, but the main purpose is to block students’ mobile phone signals and prohibit students from using mobile phones in schools.

First of all, the school uses mobile phone jammers for the academic considerations of students. Students are the backbone of the country’s future, and the country’s development cannot be separated from generations of students. Therefore, in the student days, mobile phones cannot be destroyed by a generation of talents. The national key qualification examination adopts mobile phone jammer.

Secondly, the use of mobile phones by students not only affects their own learning, but also affects their health. They also affected the school’s ethos and its development.

Third, schools also show a responsible attitude. Schools are places to learn, to educate and educate people, and schools to cultivate talents. The vast majority of parents send their children to school so that their children can learn more and become people who will contribute to the country and society in the future. Using a mobile phone signal blocker can prevent students from using mobile phones and spend more time studying and resting so that they can grow up healthily.

Finally, mobile phone jammers used in schools are mainly purchased online, and school staff will select interference devices suitable for installation in the classroom according to the scope of use of the school. As you can see, the shielding equipment used in ordinary schools is waterproof. It can be used not only in schools, but also in prisons or theaters, cinemas, etc. Mainly designed for larger situations, with powerful power, interference radius of up to 100 meters, all mobile phones can interfere with frequency, can also block wireless WiFi and Bluetooth signals, built-in antenna, and easy to use, just turn on the power, high temperature , Can work for a long time, is an important device that prohibits the use of mobile phones.