WiFi jammer can easily protect your personal information

WiFi and Bluetooth are wireless technology that supports the exchange of data over short distances through fixed and mobile devices using the 2.4g band. From this point of view, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to force people to use them to send information and documents to create great convenience. Thus, the Wi-Fi connection for large businesses is also cheap, as it can connect to multiple systems over one wifi signal. Bluetooth can also be used to help people send files and share files. With the development of wireless networks, and now, people can easily use the WiFi network access, which has really brought a lot of convenience to people.

There are many drawbacks to wifi signal jammer as well, such as all private data stored on your laptop or PDA can be exposed to everyone in the same area. If not set up correctly, criminals can easily obtain passwords and important personal information over the wireless network. Once the password is known to someone else, it is really a risk. The most obvious aspect is that your privacy is susceptible to being hacked, the password is used as a wireless network, hackers due to low capacity. On the other hand, due to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection must track your position and the ability to work the body, similar to the triangulation position cell phone tower. So other people can easily know your location.

anti-tracking gps blocker

How to keep your information private

Now people are paying more attention to security and privacy at work and in everyday life, and you always want to find a good way to prevent them from being attacked or forfeiting their privacy. Now it’s to get network privacy and security back then. So the WiFi signal jammer can help people to solve this problem. By using WiFi / Bluetooth jammers, others will lose the ability to access the wireless network, you just need to use a wired network to ensure your normal use. So, WiFi and Bluetooth jammers can bring you eliminate potential dangers is very important. Then this 13W High Power 2G 3G 4G Wi-Fi Bluetooth Cell Phone Signal Blocker is designed for this purpose.

Word, WiFi jammers can very well help you eliminate the risk of information. If you want more choice, please visit our website.

Russian jammers caught the attention of the Chinese media

The Russian jammers have caught the attention of the Chinese media. For the Sina portal, this weapon is a real “headache” that the United States must face. The Pentagon’s navigation systems are an essential tool for any Army mission.

Russian signal jammer can take American GPS receivers out of service and are causing the United States a real “headache,” writes the Chinese portal Sina.

desktop mobile phone blocker

As noted in the publication, Russian devices can paralyze the Pentagon’s GPS systems and force the US to admit “one defeat at a time”. The absence of the GPS signal significantly reduces the combat capability of the armor and leads to the waste of ammunition, writes the author of the article.

In this regard, Washington is urgently developing GPS devices that can withstand interference, the paper’s author said.

“Since the GPS system is exposed to interference and false signals, […] the United States could give it up because it would only weaken its armed forces,” the author suggests.

He added that, according to his data, it was the disruption of the GPS used by Russia, particularly Syria, that put the receivers of NATO member countries out of service. Eventually, he concluded that these measures required advanced communication technologies and brilliant math skills, “which is what the Russians are known for”.

A few months ago Norway and Finland accused Russia of deliberately torpedoing the Trident Juncture military exercises by disrupting the GPS system, which Moscow firmly rejected.

OSCE announced suppression of signals from its UAV in Donetsk region

OSCE observers appealed to the liaison officer of the Ukrainian security forces, who denied the interference with the UAV of the OSCE mission by the military.

MOSCOW, November 5 – RIA Novosti. OSCE observers reported an incident involving the use of radio interference against an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of the organization during its flight over the territory of the Donetsk region.

The Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) report says the incident took place on 3 November over the village of Chermalyk, 40 kilometers northeast of Mariupol. The OSCE unmanned aerial vehicle was exposed to unknown radio interference, disrupting the normal operation of the device, at 13.01 and 13.19 local time. After the UAV landed, OSCE experts deciphered the received data, which revealed that the aircraft’s GPS signals were being jammed by an drone jammer, according to the SMM report. The report notes that this is the third incident involving SMM drones in Ukraine since October 23.

drone signal jammer

A test launch of the first UAVs, which are supposed to monitor the ceasefire in eastern Ukraine, took place on 23 October. The OSCE reported that the UAVs will fly in three directions: south of Donetsk and to the Sea of ​​Azov, east – to the Russian-Ukrainian border, and also west – towards the contact line.

In April, the Kiev authorities launched a military operation in eastern Ukraine against residents who were dissatisfied with the February coup. According to the UN, as of October 31, the number of victims of the conflict exceeded 4 thousand people, more than 9 thousand were injured. With the mediation of Russia and the OSCE, the parties agreed on an armistice from September 5. In general, it is respected, but the parties periodically accuse each other of violating it.

Features of desktop recording jammer

The Jammer-mart desktop recording jammer An-Rejam-De01 can effectively shield and interfere with the recording functions of digital products such as voice recorders and smart phones. Interference signals are generated after the recording blocker is turned on, and all recorded information is noisy current sound, and the sound information cannot be restored. The product is suitable for sensitive places such as enterprises, governments, and secret-related units to prevent security risks caused by theft.

desktop signal blocker


The product has no noise, no harsh noise, and is harmless to the human body;

Directional interference, greater output power, stronger shielding effect;

The product form can be customized and designed to adapt to various usage scenarios;

The product is easy to install, and it can be used only by providing city power;

There are many types of shielding range, covering the main recording equipment on the market.

Where can I sell mobile phone signal jammers?

At present, there are more mobile phone signal jammers on the market. There is no difference between good and bad. Some time ago, I purchased one from Texin Electronics and placed it in the company’s conference room. The effect is very good.

Generally, one meeting room with more than 100 square meters on your side should be enough. If it is 600 square meters, it is better for you to find out.

Everyone knows that mobile phone signals will be shielded during the college entrance examination. So how much do you know about mobile phone signal jammers? Today, the editor of China Security Network will introduce to you the principles, characteristics, and appearance of mobile phone signal jammers. The problem.

indoor phone jammer

Introduction of mobile phone signal jammer

The cell phone jammer effectively shields all mobile phone signals of CDMA (China Telecom), GSM (China Mobile, China Unicom), SCDMA (Netcom Da Lingtong), DCS (1800MHz), PCS (1900MHz), PHS (Telecom PHS) and 3G Used in examination rooms, prisons, courts, conference venues, libraries, theaters, churches, gas stations, gas depots, gas stations, hospitals and other places that require confidentiality, quietness, riot prevention, and interference prevention.

Introduction to the principle of mobile phone signal jammer

The working principle of the mobile phone signal jammer is as follows: within a certain frequency range, the mobile phone and the base station are connected by radio waves, and the data and sound transmission is completed with a certain baud rate and modulation method.

In view of the above communication principle, the mobile phone signal jammer scans from the low end frequency of the forward channel to the high end at a certain speed during the working process. The scanning speed can cause garbled interference in the message signal received by the mobile phone, and the mobile phone cannot detect the normal data sent from the base station, so that the mobile phone cannot establish a connection with the base station. The mobile phone is manifested as a search network, no signal, no service system and other phenomena.

Features of mobile phone signal jammer

Only shield mobile phone signals, and does not affect the normal operation of other electronic devices
Only shield mobile phone signals in the examination room, no interference to mobile phones outside the examination room, let alone the base station
Only shield the downlink frequency of the transmitting base station without affecting the uplink frequency
Green and environmentally friendly, the electromagnetic field intensity is far lower than the national standard, without any impact on the human body
The operation is simple, the antenna is installed correctly, and it can run automatically after power on

Problems and solutions of mobile phone signal jammer

1. Why is the shielding range different from that described in the manual when the shielding device is working?

Answer: The shielding range of the jammer is related to the strong electromagnetic field at the shielding site and the distance from the communication station. Generally the best is 200 meters away. The manufacturer has tested it under normal conditions, so the shielding range will be slightly different.

2. Will there be radiation when the mobile phone signal is shielded? Is it harmful to the human body?

Answer: Regarding radiation, as long as electronic products are large and small, there will be radiation. Any piece of electrical equipment will have radiation. Just like the mobile phones we usually use, it is inevitable that there will be radiation when leaning against our ears every day. The country has also set a standard for mobile phone radiation, and the radiation generated by our mobile phone signal jammer is much lower than the national standard, and it is not every day. Lean against the ears, so there is almost no harm to the human body.

Multifunctional signal jammer, suitable for different interference purposes

GPS jammer not only provide communication protection. These GPS jammers can point out small problems in the network signal. The GPS jammer keeps the frequency free from any interference. Entrepreneurs and employees are also protected by any intrusive measures used by database crooks. Multifunctional shields set the tone, making all forms of information indispensable, whether it’s personal or business information.

In addition to GPS jammers, there are several other types of jammers, among which the best jammers are very useful for individuals and organizations.

The mini jammer is an excellent mobile phone jammer that can effectively block the signal while on the move. This portable jammer is not expensive. The portable jammer is very important. The jammer will not affect the work of any other electrical or electronic products around it. This feature of the portable jammer makes it easy to use without any restrictions. In addition, the portable shield is easy to carry and easy to carry. Therefore, it is an ideal choice for individuals. Portable jammers are available in different models and sizes.

portable mobile phone jammer

In addition, there is a 4G jammer, which can block all mobile phone signals from anywhere in the world. The 4G jammer is a very efficient and complex device. It is a powerful device that can block signals up to 20 meters long. The 4G jammer can be operated with batteries and adapters. Therefore, 4G jammers can be used indoors and outdoors. In other words, the advantage of this shield is that the installation location can be selected. 4G jammer is a more convenient shielding device.

The shielding distance of the device has a great relationship with the power of the device and the use environment, and several aspects that are helpful to the shielding effect: one is the output power of the device, the other is the working method of the shield, and the third is the use environment (indoor or outdoor). The fourth is to shield the interference intensity of the surrounding environment.

Mobile phone signal jammer

Nowadays, mobile phones are all digital signals, and the anti-interference ability of digital signals is very strong. Generally, the effect of using analog signal technology to interfere with digital signals is poor. Therefore, digital signals must be used to interfere with digital signals. The interference effect is quite different. The jammer using digital jamming signal technology has lower power and higher efficiency than the jammer using analog signal jamming technology.

The synthesis, attenuation, and reflection analysis of indoor mobile phone signals and interference signals is very complicated. Before shielding, the strength and quality of local cell phone signals have a great impact on shielding. Different mobile phones have different effects. Generally, mobile phones with strong ability to receive weak signals may not have good anti-interference effects.

The direction of the base station and the direction of the shielded area of ​​the mobile phone also affect the shielding effect. Generally, the spatial signal strength is about -60 to -70dbm, and the base station can reach about -40dbm within a few hundred meters, and the mobile phone reception strength range is generally between -35 to -95dbm. The higher the signal power of the space mobile phone, the shorter the shielding distance.

The above conclusions are based on the law of radio signal transmission in free space. In reality, there are many obstacles on the ground that affect the transmission of radio waves. The above can only be qualitatively used as a reference, especially indoors. The above law is very different from the actual situation. Therefore, this problem is difficult to calculate accurately at the time, and can only be determined based on the actual situation on site. Precise construction projects must carry out preliminary research and signal testing, and then design specific solutions. In the later period, timely follow-up tests are required, and certain corresponding supplements can be foolproof, that is, to achieve the effect of strict shielding.

How to use high-power test room signal jammer

The test room high power jammer has become an indispensable tool in the test room, escorting the information security of the test room. However, if we do not use the equipment correctly, there will be poor results, or even an exam room accident. The following Texin Electronics as a manufacturer will share the correct use of the test room signal jammer.

smartphone signal blocker

1. The effective shielding range of the test room signal jammer will be different in different use sites. This is closely related to the signal field strength on site. The shielding range of mobile phones of different standards may not be the same at the same site;

2. The factors that affect the shielding range include but are not limited to: distance from the base station, orientation, obstacles, the wall material of the site building, the installation height of the shield, the installation specifications, etc.;

3. Each antenna has a frequency band identification, which must correspond to the frequency band identification on the host one-to-one. Before turning on the jammer, ensure that each antenna is connected reliably. It is never allowed to turn on the device without connecting the antenna;

4. The surface temperature of the shield is about 40~50℃ after working for a long time, which is normal. If the surface temperature is too high, please turn off the power and try to contact your local dealer or agent;

5. The normal installation height is 1.8 meters ~ 2.5 meters, try to choose a place where there are no obstacles between the target shielding area. The wall-mounted installation requires the antenna to face up vertically. When placed on a desktop, the antenna can be folded 90 degrees and then up vertically. There should be no AC power lines or other audio and video lines within 0.2 meters of the antenna;

6. During use, in order to avoid possible interference with some electronic equipment, try to keep it at least 1 to 2 meters away from the following common equipment: audio, wireless microphone, radio, computer, TV, Wi-Fi router, etc.

The above are the precautions when using the test room signal jammer introduced by Jammer-mart. I hope it can help everyone.

Mobile phone signal jammer originally has so many functions

At present, each of us has a mobile phone. From the previous 2G mobile phones to the current 3G and 4G, some people even start to use 5G mobile phones. No matter which mobile phone you are using, turn on the mobile phone signal blocker. Even high-end mobile phones will have no signal. It can be understood that the mobile phone signal jammer is the natural enemy of mobile phone signal, but the type of cell phone jammer on the market is too big, and I don’t know which kind of mobile phone signal jammer is better. Some people will find after using it that the Jammer-mart cell phone signal jammer is still quite good, so let’s take a look at the functions and characteristics of the Jammer-mart phone signal jammer!

GPS cell phone blocker

The purpose of Jammer-mart mobile phone signal jammer has the following points

1. It is used for students’ college entrance examination, because the college entrance examination is the most fair and just test. For most students, it may change their lives. Therefore, using a mobile phone signal shield during the college entrance examination is also a fair and just one for students. Kind of guarantee.

2. Used in conferences, theaters, military, etc.

The function of Jammer-mart mobile phone signal jammer has the following points

1. The shell of the mobile phone signal jammer is made of advanced aluminum alloy shell that can dissipate heat, so it will not have any influence if it is used without electricity for a long time.

2. When the mobile phone signal jammer is turned on, it only has a shielding effect on the mobile phone, and has no effect on other electronic devices.

3. The shielding range is about 1-40 meters, but it should be determined according to the performance of the signal jammer .

4. The mobile phone signal jammer does not have any radiation, and it is a truly environmentally friendly mobile phone signal jammer.

Therefore, after the introduction of the above two points, let us have a certain understanding and understanding of the mobile phone signal jammer.

To prevent students from playing with mobile phones

Nowadays, more and more students have smart phones. In order to prevent students from playing mobile phones at school to affect their studies, especially the phenomenon of playing mobile phones after going to bed at night and turning off the lights, Xin’anjiang Middle School recently installed several mobile phone signal jammer. This move caused objections from some students.

Student: I’m not used to the cell phone signal

On November 8, a netizen broke the news on Baidu Tieba of Xin’anjiang Middle School, saying that “I heard that mobile phone shielding devices are harmful to the body.” In the following days, there were several more posts about the school blocker, which triggered discussions among many netizens. Another netizen made up a poem: “I saw high-voltage lines during the day, high-tension lines at night, and high-tension lines every day…”, and nearly 30 comments were posted.

gps wifi cell phone jammers

On November 12, the reporter came to a certain class of the third year of the school and asked 4 boys, 3 of whom used smart phones and 1 used ordinary mobile phones. A boy told reporters that about half of the classmates in the class brought mobile phones, mainly for making calls. Nowadays, mobile phones have many functions. They also use mobile phones to watch TV shows, read news, read novels, and chat with friends. He complained to reporters: “The mobile phone has no signal and life is less interesting. I am really not used to it.”

In another class, the reporter learned that in addition to contacting family members when using mobile phones at school, girls also use their phones to shop on Taobao, check Weibo, and play WeChat. Some girls also use their smartphones to play with foreign social software such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

School: Schools should be responsible for the management of students, and mobile phones should be used reasonably at school

Principal Lai Zhonglin of Xin’anjiang Middle School said frankly that it is very common for students to bring mobile phones. Most of the mobile phones used by students are smart phones. They can play games, watch movies, go shopping, make friends and chat… The school clearly requires students to use mobile phones reasonably and is strictly prohibited in teaching. However, some students have poor self-control ability, especially after going to bed at night and turning off the lights, there are still students playing with mobile phones until late at night, which seriously affects the next day’s study, so that they start to doze off early the next day and lack sleep for a long time It will also affect your health.

In order to prevent students from using mobile phones at school to affect their studies, especially the phenomenon of using mobile phones after going to bed at night and turning off the lights, Xin’anjiang Middle School installed several mobile phone shielding devices. Lai Zhonglin said that the jamming device is mainly near the bedroom, and the activation time is a certain period of time, not all day, and the use time during the exam is slightly longer than usual. The shielding devices installed in the school are in compliance with the standards for the use of the college entrance examination and have safety guarantees. At the same time, the school also visited surrounding residents and units and asked the mobile company. The results showed that the shielding device did not affect the normal life of the surrounding area.

In response to the students’ messages in Tieba, School Lai also replied: Student mobile phone management is a problem that every school will encounter. The school hopes to get the attention and attention of relevant social departments and provide technical guidance. As a school, it should assume the responsibility of managing students. Students are asked to concentrate on their studies in school. Parents are also expected to understand, cooperate and support the school’s mobile phone management. Moreover, the school has a school messaging system that can meet the needs of students and parents. Contact demand.

Surrounding residents: no impact on normal life

On November 12, the reporter randomly interviewed several residents near Xin’anjiang Middle School. An employee of a company near the back door of the school said that the installation of the shielding device in the school did not affect the company’s employees’ mobile phone use and normal life. Mr. Wang, the owner of another small shop, also said that his mobile phone signal was not affected.

How to obtain a high-power WIFI signal jammer?

Nowadays, people have very strict requirements for many signal interference equipment. Of course, everyone needs to obtain equipment that can meet their requirements at a preferential price, while also designing high-tech and powerful interference functions. Come to Texin Electronics, you will have the opportunity to obtain high-quality signal jammer.

After various types of signals are widely used in daily life, it is really necessary and necessary to avoid the negative influence on the signal in work or daily life. This is why more and more signal interference with good design and new design The equipment is well received by people. And now the newly designed 8-antenna signal jammer is really very powerful, just in this paragraph, a real example of this high-power 8-antenna signal jammer will be introduced to you here, you have the opportunity to see through the following content in detail This kind of high-power multi-purpose signal blocker is introduced.

wifi blocker device

First, just look at the name of this high-power multifunctional signal blocker, and then you will know that the full name of this example is “16W 8-antenna high-power desktop 3G 4G mobile phone Bluetooth jammer”, which of course is designed with 8 antennas and Observing the interference frequency band, you will of course be attracted by it, because this high-power 8-antenna signal interference device can cut off the signal time of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G 4G LTE 4G Wimax WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time, which is really powerful. On the other hand, the shielding range of this desktop WiFi 3G 4G mobile phone jammer is also very strong, because the interference range is up to 50 meters in detailed places based on the intensity of the information.

Cell phone jammers were also invented to help people who are interfered by 3G 4G cell phone signals. For those who are looking for high-power signal jammers, they can get good access here.

It is useless to say too much, and then just look at this real example “16W high-power desktop 8 antenna WiFi 3G 4G mobile phone signal jammer”, and then look at a brief introduction of its functions and capabilities. Soon you will know that this is a desktop WiFi Bluetooth 4G mobile phone jammer. It is designed with 8 antennas and can cut off the signals of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G 4G LTE 4G Wimax WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time. In this case, this high-power desktop phone WiFi jammer has both the ability of a mobile phone jammer and a WiFi Bluetooth signal blocker, which is really powerful.

Therefore, due to the design of the high-quality cooling fan system, this 3G 4G wifi jammer can always maintain a good working condition, and can easily reach the goal of 24/7 uninterrupted work. Therefore, 16W high power is also used in this high-power 4G WiFi Bluetooth signal jammer, so that the interference distance of the desktop WiFi Bluetooth 4G mobile phone jammer can reach 50 meters, depending on the intensity of the detailed information, which is really great and powerful.

In addition, there are many other styles of high-power advanced signal blockers. If you need high-quality and good-priced products, then you can come here to view more and choose one.