Portable jammers are particularly convenient for some special groups of people

It’s really boring to be tracked now. There are various tracking devices that disrupt the lives of normal people. Although it’s really convenient, it can also harm people and bring them privacy threats. Now, if you If you want to get rid of this situation, then you can come here and you will find that jammer-mart is a good choice, and you can find the best here.

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And the normal use of many wifi signal jammer and tracker on the market are cell phone signal trackers and GPS trackers, so if people need to cut off GPS from signal tracking and cell phone trackers, you can directly come here to view this feature design For specific examples, you can come here to learn more about this “Portable Signal Option Bluetooth 3G Mobile GPSL1 GPSL2 GPSL5 Jammer”, and you can see the detailed information of this 3G mobile GPS jammer.

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Then, you can briefly take a look at this optional portable signal jammer. This handheld WiFi 3G GPSL1 GPSL2 GPSL5 blocker has the function of cutting off GPSL1 GPSL2 GPSL5 signals and 2G 3G WiFi cell phone signals at the same time. However, when using other designs, you may have to make a real decision based on the interference of the frequency band. Therefore, since this optional 3G Bluetooth GPS phone also includes a stuck car charger, it is also a good choice for people who want to use GPSL1 GPSL2 GPSL5 3G Bluetooth mobile phone jammer.

In addition, the portable GPS mobile phone blocker also has a built-in fan. Due to the heat dissipation system, the GPS signal of the handheld mobile phone always maintains a good working condition and will not cause high temperature. In addition, the portable handheld GPS signal blocking device is also designed with a car charger, which can be conveniently used in the car, which is very convenient and easy to use. In addition, the GPS jamming application is also very easy to use and can be used in many places where you go out as well as meeting rooms, classrooms and other places.

In addition, there are many other types of portable signal jammers, they are designed to have this function, if you need a 3G GPS mobile phone jammer or other types of signal blockers, please sell them here.

Jammer helps you change your lifestyle

In today’s society, people ignore their senses but take too long to get hold of cell phones. They forget to enjoy the real life of the moment, completely obsessed with digital life, which is totally unfair. So, we bring you cell phone signal interference, which will help you find peace in a good atmosphere.

Often successful belong to those who have good rituals and have more training. This cell phone jammer will teach you how to maintain a good attitude in phone life. We all know that straightforward principles and morals always mature you and make your body language adapt to the surroundings. These days, although people ignore their senses, but put too much with their own hands to get the phone. They forget to enjoy the real life of the moment, completely obsessed with digital life, which is totally unfair. So, we bring you cell phone signal interference, which will help you find peace in a good atmosphere.

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Training of winners. If you want to win in a noisy world, train yourself to adopt it? Of course not, you will be a lucky person, you can win the game, or overcome some problem, try the mobile jammer first. If you don’t practice, your win can be like a single lottery win, you can’t use in the long game. Additionally, you become more adaptable and more able to complete the reduction of unnecessary phone signals.

Can you imagine that the students who visited the museum were at the most critical stage of their lives and had no idea why they were here? They look around the knowledge and the beauty of the museum, they can well understand the meaning of it all. Great history, magnificent art, and knowledge of the ocean can make someone fall in love. Everything is harmonious, suddenly, annoy the guy took out his cell phone to call out loud, regardless of the feelings of others, to stop what will happen? Fight with him? There is no good choice here if there are cell phone jammers installed there. There is no problem with that. This is the world of interference. Now put the cell phone interrupt kit so that they understand the value of education and secular knowledge.

The unit installed a mobile phone jammer, and nearby residents’ mobile phones were all’dumb’

Is the signal bad if the mobile phone fails to get out? Not necessarily! Recently, the reporter received reports from some citizens that the mobile phone signal was clearly full, but they couldn’t make calls. They complained to the operator, but the operator said that the network signal was OK. Later, I learned that it turned out that nearby units have installed mobile phone signal jammer for quiet or confidential purposes. As long as the jammers work, the normal communication of residents within one or two kilometers of the neighborhood will also be affected.

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After investigating, the reporter found that mobile phone jammers are being used privately by units or individuals. However, in accordance with relevant regulations, the production, sale and installation of mobile phone jammers must be approved by relevant departments; the management department stated that it will strictly investigate and deal with private production, sales and installation of jammers.

User complaint: mobile phone signal is full but unable to dial out

Mr. Fang, who lives in a city in the Pearl River Delta, and his neighbors recently discovered that the mobile phone communication near his home is always not smooth. A cell phone that clearly shows full signal is often unable to dial out near home. Mr. Fang reported to the local mobile operator many times, but the operator replied that the network was OK after many tests. Later, it was finally discovered that a gas station near Mr. Fang’s home had installed a mobile phone jammer for safety reasons. As long as the jammer works, mobile phones within a range of one or two kilometers will be interfered.

The reporter found out that many government agencies, movie theaters, concert halls, gas stations and other units in China have installed cell phone jammers for confidentiality, security or quietness. In the province, second- and third-tier cities in eastern and northern Guangdong are more common, and Guangzhou and Shenzhen are also used occasionally. A person in charge of the theater said that although the audience was reminded to adjust the mobile phone to vibrate before each performance, the effect was minimal, and the installation of a mobile phone jammer solved these problems.

According to the user’s “good wishes”, mobile phone jammers only cause interference to the downlink mobile phone signals within the range of the use unit; but in fact, because many mobile phone jammers have excessive working power and interfere with mobile phone signals in all frequency bands, they not only The user unit itself has also had a serious impact on the normal mobile phone communication of nearby residents, turning their mobile phones into intermittent “dumb”.

According to industry insiders, the working principle of a mobile phone jammer is to cancel out the electromagnetic waves of the mobile phone by emitting radio waves of the same frequency, so that the connection between the mobile phone and the base station is cut off and cannot be used. However, the performance of the mobile phone signal may be full. In this way, users in the same area at the same time find that the signal is full but cannot dial out and dial more desperately, which can easily cause the signal of the operator’s base station to be blocked, or even paralyzed due to overwhelming burden. .

Insiders: the use of mobile phone jammers must be approved

An industry insider told reporters that most of the mobile jammers sold through online channels and in various communication cities do not have the legal procedures for production and sales, and most of the units or individuals who buy mobile jammers also use them. I don’t know that the use of mobile phone jammers requires approval. The radio management departments of various localities stated that they have noticed that many units have produced and installed mobile phone jammers without authorization, saying that their actions violated the above-mentioned relevant regulations. Be severely investigated.

Features of desktop recording jammer

The Jammer-mart desktop recording jammer An-Rejam-De01 can effectively shield and interfere with the recording functions of digital products such as voice recorders and smart phones. Interference signals are generated after the recording blocker is turned on, and all recorded information is noisy current sound, and the sound information cannot be restored. The product is suitable for sensitive places such as enterprises, governments, and secret-related units to prevent security risks caused by theft.

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The product has no noise, no harsh noise, and is harmless to the human body;

Directional interference, greater output power, stronger shielding effect;

The product form can be customized and designed to adapt to various usage scenarios;

The product is easy to install, and it can be used only by providing city power;

There are many types of shielding range, covering the main recording equipment on the market.

A hundred shots and a hundred hits within 2000 meters, the drones dare to fly randomly?

The UAV counter-gun is a kind of electromagnetic interference equipment with a gun type, which is not only a gun type but also a splint type.

The Wuhan police demonstrated that they are equipped with the latest domestically-made “electromagnetic rifles.” In the opening match of the China League One held last week, a drone of unknown origin broke into the event site, seriously disrupting the progress of the game. Afterwards, the Wuhan police took out their new equipment-a silver-gray drone counter-gun about 1 meter long, and “shot down” the opponent with a single shot. On the day of the match, the Wuhan police used the gun six times to expel the approaching drone.

portable drone blocker gun-type

The drone was not broken into pieces, but landed slowly on the ground. According to the International Business Times, the principle of this weapon is to emit electromagnetic interference waves between 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz, interrupting the connection between remote control equipment and drones. Because most drone remote controls are also in this frequency range.

This drone jammer uses a combination of an integrated information source and a broadband power amplifier, and the source integrates 8 frequency bands. The full frequency band coverage of radio from 300MHz to 6GHz is closer to the current mainstream UAV radio remote control and image transmission signal modulation method. The intensity of electromagnetic waves it emits is 8 times that of ordinary jammers. It can accurately distinguish various drones at a distance of 3 to 5 kilometers, and effectively intercept within a range of 500 meters to 2000 meters.

How does cell phone signal jammer work!

The current cell phone jammer is full-band. It can shield all the 2G 3G 4G signals, 2.4G WIFI signals and Bluetooth signals under all the three operators of China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom. Its principle is sent by itself. The frequency interferes with the mobile phone receiving the frequency from the base station and wireless router, so as to achieve the purpose of shielding them. Generally speaking, the working principle of the mobile phone signal jammer is that the frequency emitted by the jammer interferes with the normal frequency of the mobile phone receiving the base station, making the mobile phone unable to connect to the base station, and thus unable to make calls, receive and send text messages and surf the Internet.

mobile signal jammer 5G

Within a certain frequency range, the mobile phone and the base station are connected by radio waves, and data and sound transmission are completed with a certain baud rate and modulation method. The jammer scans from the low end frequency of the forward channel to the high end at a certain speed during operation. This scanning speed can cause garbled interference in the message signal received by the mobile phone. The mobile phone cannot detect the normal data sent from the base station, so that the mobile phone cannot establish a connection with the base station and achieve the purpose of shielding the mobile phone signal. The mobile phone appears to search the network, no signal, No service system, etc.

No matter what cell phone card you use, as long as the cell phone cards under China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom will be blocked. WIFI will also be blocked. Unless you use 5.8G WIFI to surf the Internet, because the standard configuration of the jammer does not shield 5.8G WIFI. However, some schools may let jammer manufacturers order 5.8G frequencies just in case, so this is not guaranteed to be absolutely foolproof.

Whether it is a high power jammer or a small signal shielding instrument, its principle is to interfere with the mobile phone to receive the normal frequency sent by the base station through its own frequency, so that the mobile phone cannot contact the base station, so as to achieve the purpose of shielding. The principle of shielding WIFI is actually that the signal jammer will send out the corresponding frequency when it is working to interfere with the mobile phone to receive the normal frequency sent by the router, so that the mobile phone cannot connect with the router and cannot access the Internet normally.

Mobile phone signal jammers are mainly used in some school examination rooms, dormitories, detention centers, military units and confidential meeting rooms, etc. So as long as you enter these places, your mobile phones will be shielded, and you will not be able to make calls, receive text messages, and access the Internet normally. There is no exception, and nothing can be set to avoid being blocked.

How effective is the shielding of household signal jammers?

The mobile phone signal shielding system is a relatively professional modern communication signal shielding technology, especially in the special environment of prisons, which puts forward higher requirements on the mobile phone signal shielding technology. For example, in the application environment of the communication signal shielding system of a general meeting, participants come and walk in a hurry, and there is almost no time to “search” for the blind spots of communication signal shielding. In the special environment of the prison, the number of people is dense and the activities are more concentrated. This is the time to use mobile phone signal jammer for shielding.

1. How to evaluate the effect of the cell phone signal shielding system in the prison? If there is no shielding blind spot in the prison, the test should be repeated. In places with strong signals, such as “windows” or “every corners”, professional equipment detectors should be used. , Radiation, and shielding of other systems; to achieve no blind spots; to comply with the inspection regulations of relevant departments

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2. The shielding effect and external shielding?

The high-quality mobile phone signal shielding system project must be completely shielded without affecting the communication of residents, not letting people complain, not allowing mobile and China Unicom to cause trouble, and the shielding area is more accurate, and there is no shielding outside the shielding area, which can be regarded as a complete acceptance project.

3. Problems with upgrading and expansion? The wireless communication technology is developing rapidly. 5G is currently in the trial operation stage. Yesterday, the system could be completely shielded, and there may be problems today. Therefore, the construction of the shielding system should be modularized, and it can be easily upgraded according to the changes of the surrounding communication facilities, so as to substantially save the project investment and achieve permanent shielding.

Factor 1: the effective shielding of mobile phone signal jammer

The efficiency of the so-called cell phone jammer is whether the shielding effect has blind spots or leaks. Near some prisons, there may be sources of strong mobile phone signals. In order to achieve a good shielding effect, a lot of materials and energy will be spent correspondingly, and the cost will correspondingly increase substantially. Therefore, the better the shielding effect, the cost will increase accordingly. In actual use, the shielding requirements of the prison area are generally higher, with a little leakage and blind spots. Some personnel may seize this loophole, so that the mobile phone can be used in the originally prescribed shielding area, which cannot achieve the original intention of shielding the mobile phone.

Factor 2: No malfunction time of mobile phone signal jammer

If the original stipulation that the failure-free service life is 1 year and the failure-free service reaches 3 years in actual use, the cost performance will be tripled. If the original stipulation that the failure-free service life is 1 year, it will often fail in less than half a year in actual use. Although it is a free warranty, the risk is immeasurable, personnel resources are wasted, and the corresponding cost performance is greatly reduced.

Factor three: external shielding of mobile phone signal jammer

If external shielding is not considered, it is relatively easy to simply shield the mobile phone signal, as long as the shielding power is increased. But it is necessary to ensure that the shielding area has no blind areas and no leakage points. The power intensity in the shielding area is relatively large. If there is a little leakage, the external shielding will be large. This requires full consideration and technical control during shielding design to achieve precise and efficient shielding without external coverage.

Factor 4: Cell phone signal jammer cost

The cost should follow the shielding requirements and budget. You can’t blindly choose cheap machines, and you can’t think that expensive is good. In actual choices, word-of-mouth is very important. It is more necessary to investigate past cases on the spot, test the shielding effect, and then make selections.

UAV countermeasure market analysis

During this period of time, everyone knows that drone black-flying incidents happen frequently, small enough to be used for peeping, large enough to steal state secrets and military secrets, small enough to fall and injure a person, large enough to cause the airport to close. The delay of the aircraft and the stranded passengers have caused serious consequences. Therefore, the national laws have also been continuously improved during this period. Legal documents have been issued one by one to strengthen the control and real-name registration of drones. Here we do not make any comment on politics, only UAV defense and UAV countermeasures technical means are analyzed.

waterproof drone signal blocker portable

There are several ways to control drones:

1. This method of shooting with a gun seems to be more enjoyable. It not only manages but also destroys it. The damage index is higher than five stars. But there is a problem that is more headache. It requires the shooter to be accurate, not the one who has participated in the Olympics and won the championship. Forget it, so as not to be embarrassed. In addition, you need to find the right time. Once you fall, it is absolutely not allowed to hurt people. It is important to get off the phone. In addition, you must remember where you are calling. If you fall, you need to find it. This is a headache. The question, how many people do you need? Who flew the last question is unknown!

2. Catching with a net is similar to shooting a gun, except that the gun shoots out points, here is the net; it seems that this technology has improved, the destructive power is reduced, and the accuracy rate is improved, but the prerequisite for the problem is The drone needs to fly low, and the human station is high, so the practicability is low;

3. Drone jammer is also the mainstream technology at present. The remote control signal of UAV is blocked by high-power transmission, so that the UAV loses control. Generally, UAVs can be shot down directly, and smart UAVs can also be unmanned. Aircraft interference interferes with GPS and Beidou signals to prevent drones from returning home;

There are two types of UAV interference:

1) Hand-held UAV jammers require humans to conduct investigations, and it is found that manual intervention by the handheld UAV jammers can achieve the control effect; the control distance can generally reach about 2 kilometers;

2), base station type UAV jammer The base station type UAV jammer is mainly aimed at the relatively large control area, prevents the drone from entering the control area, and greatly reduces the safety risk; it can be completed without a large number of personnel operation; control Distance: 6-8 kilometers can be;

In addition, I did a lot of searches on the Internet. The Chinese characteristics are vividly reflected. As long as there is a need for thousands of troops to invest in this market, the market capacity and market opportunities are as big as everyone’s guess;

One set to two sets per unit, let’s calculate that the quantity is really limited and belongs to a niche market; in addition, the technical content is not particularly high, the threshold is low, the more participating businesses, the smaller the market profit margin, so it is recommended that those already on the road should be prepared Don’t be hot on the road for a while, look at the market sensibly.

Jammers can help in the war on terrorism

Terrorist attacks have occurred frequently in recent years and are causing great harm to people. Today, the fight against terrorism has been widely discussed and is one of the things people need to watch out for. We find an important means of the terrorist attacks is a bomb attack that causes great damage as a cruel and common means of the terrorists. Therefore, an important thing to fight a terrorist war is to prevent different types, sizes and powers of bomb devices.

There are many types of bombs. Fortunately, the government also has a special bomb disposal force to deal with these various bombs. However, the most difficult terrorist attacks are not able to tear the bomb apart, but to find and prevent bomb attacks. Can you imagine that when you are on the square, was there a sudden bombing in the cinema? It was too late to prevent it. With regard to the precautionary approach, you know that most of the terrorist attacks are triggered by a simple phone call. At this moment, if there is a suitable signal jammer near the place where the bomb is installed, you can make sure that nothing happens because the signal is not being transmitted. Such cell phone jammers are used by military and law enforcement agencies.

super power signal jammers

In addition, when we refer to the fight against terrorism, we should mention that most countries have started to take these measures and have installed special woes on important roads where the President has witnessed. For this reason, because there is no signal that can trigger a bomb even when it is installed, there is no accidental danger.

The good news is that blocking technology is evolving and its functionality is getting better and better. Some of the best high power jammer can block radio signals in the range of 1 km or more. This achievement is very important because it can be more effective against terrorist attacks.

With the civilian conversion of military jammers and the development of all technology, it is good to know that the authorities are doing their utmost to protect the innocent. The woes can help with the terrorist attacks. The government’s defense measure is all the more important.

GPS jammer in civilian areas

GPS jammer can easily be ordered from the Internet and have the ability to protect privacy and prevent third party tracking. These products are beneficial and should be bought. For example, some VIP characters can prevent illegal location using the GPS tracker.

In North America and Europe, of course, such equipment is also required to protect privacy. Because you don’t know when your vehicle is being followed by someone else. GPS trackers are easy to buy.


GPS jamming technology can also be used to manage drones. Professor Todd Humphreys and his team have taken control of an unmanned drone using GPS spoofing technology in Austin. They used tiny helicopters to disrupt GPS systems in unmanned aerial vehicles and then provide coordinates so drones can reach their destinations.

It’s not the first time that a drone’s vulnerability has been exposed. It’s easy to buy a GPS jammer on the internet and then crash a drone. And this signal interference is effective for all unmanned aircraft.

The famous Davos Economic Forum has used similar devices to regulate the use of drones to ensure order and security. Such devices have played an important role in the success of recent conferences.

At the moment, the military applications of GPS jammer technology are mainly focused on electronic warfare. For decades, one of the main requirements in electronic warfare has been to geographically hostile transmissions. This has resulted in a plethora of location-finding techniques such as receive signal strength (RSS), arrival angle (AOA), arrival time (TOA), arrival time difference (TDOA), frequency difference of arrival (FDOA) and so on.

In a positioning application, we have a mutual problem: instead of trying to localize a transmitter relative to ourselves, we try to localize ourselves relative to a number of transmitters. Of course we use the same techniques: GPS is an excellent example of a TOA system.

Russian electronic interference with the Finnish and Norwegian GPS networks began in early September 2017 and was classified as secret by the Norwegian authorities until the exact nature of the scenario was determined.

The loss of GPS capabilities from commercial aircraft could certainly have resulted in a catastrophic air disaster, but the Norwegian Intel believes that Russian GPS jamming over Finland / Norway was not the intention of the Russian government or the Russian military.

According to the expert analysis, GPS interference and interference mitigation technology will be the key points for future electronic warfare.