Jammer VS Bugs Who Will Win?

We have recently been able to read in all the newspapers about the scandal now called “Mafia Roma Capitale“. Mostly, some intrepid journalist wanted to venture, probably because he had been lucky enough to read some minutes, or who knows what “tip”, on the use by the alleged criminal organization, of appearing “jammers” and cards in the name of third parties , in order to divert the investigation.

Both the first, the so-called wireless jammer, are addressed as NOT working, for the diversion of investigations carried out by the authorities in charge. We obviously have no “paper” in hand, just as we have no “tip”, so we limit ourselves, as far as it can be reliable, to answer the question of greatest interest; how was it possible to intercept the subjects even when they had the jammer on?

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The answer is simpler and more obvious than you might think, already visiting and reading our previous news, specifically “Which Jammer to choose”, you can give an answer to everything, but we would like to clarify again, below we explain in detail:

To be able to secure an environment, it is NECESSARY TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE JAMMER and more.

The frequencies used by the signal are wide, there is NO portable signal jammer in the world capable of canceling them all. Conceptually, it is a bit like having a room with a hypothetical number of 10 doors, closing 1 or 2 does not preclude the opening of the remaining ones.

The pocket jammers, let’s talk about the best, inhibit the frequencies of cell phones and at most the 2.4GHz WiFi network or GPS. They leave the “doors” open for all VHF – UHF radio bugs, or perhaps high radio frequency bugs and why not, directional laser pointing or more simply bugs with direct recording to MicroSD, which, the latter two, cannot be inhibited with no jammer!

Moral of the story, the device purchased could NOT be sufficient to make a safe environment.
In order to make a safe environment, at least it must cover ALL VHF UHF frequencies, cell phones, high radios and other equipment such as white noise generators aimed at protecting conversations from any recorders and / or directional. This is the only technical explanation, the rest is just chatter from bars or the writings of “newsagents” paid for by third parties.

As in any survey, most of the wiretaps carried out are by telephone. The cards, even in the name of third parties, are NOT safe. There are various methods to be able to intercept them and charge the end user. The only secure systems are encrypted mobile phones, where conversations can NOT be listened to and neither appear on any printout.

This is not intended to be a “guide to the criminal”, but it seems more than appropriate to clarify and tell the truth about the facts.

Are Cell Phone Jammers the Next Big Thing?

A Philadelphia man was caught red-handed this week for using a mobile phone jammer to prevent fellow passengers on a public transit bus from using their cell phones.

“I guess I take the law into my own hands,” he told an NBC10 reporter about the illegal jammer, “and to be honest, I’m proud of it.”

Teresa Masterson, a writer on NBC10, first encountered the jammer on her morning commute and gave NBC investigators a lead.

12 Antennas Signal Jammer

A jammer that blocks radio frequencies isn’t just limited to blocking people

But while today’s news and the resulting internet outrage can only be felt by a single man, the practice of jamming cell phones is widespread in both New York and Washington DC. I spoke to two such “jammers” this morning about why they bought equipment that ranged from $ 40 to over $ 10,000 on sites like jammer-welt.com. Some boast a radius of just 15 feet, while others claim they are used in military vehicles and for counter-terrorism maneuvers.

“You’re the best thing ever,” says a New Jersey-to-New York commuter who lugs around a jammer every morning on his 40-minute ride on the New Jersey Transit. He doesn’t do it for the entire trip, he says, only when a fellow passenger speaks “too loudly” or “too long”. “It fits in your pocket – they even make shady packs of cigarettes. I would guess it’s effective for a 15 foot radius, possibly more,” he says.

“When I’ve used it, it’s to turn off a loud speaker on the train that is sitting near me.” He says he bought it online from a website that imports the equipment from China, where it’s legal, and when asked, told me that he never felt guilty about keeping his passengers from talking. “No fault,” he says, “just personal high fives.”

“I always have a grace period for calls,” says another jammer who takes the MARC train to Washington DC. The journey takes about 30 minutes. “If someone says,” Okay, well, I’ll be in the office in 10 minutes, then we can discuss it. “I’m not going to bother you. But if you talk about what you did last night and what kind of curtains you are getting for the house, then yes. Silenced.”

Does he feel guilty? As if it was causing a public grievance? Not as much. “People are mad and ranting on their cell phones all the time. But I feel like it gives me some control over what I believe is becoming an increasingly reckless society.

“I’m not a threat to public safety,” he says. “I don’t put anyone in danger more than anyone else in a subway without the reception of cells being compromised.”

jammer-welt promotes the sensible and legal use of cell phone jammers and correctly protects their legitimate rights and interests.

A quick and dirty guide to monitoring mobile phones during protests

As riots against police brutality and institutionalized racism swept across the country, many people were exposed to the full power of law enforcement weapons and surveillance for the first time. Whenever protesters, cell phones and police are in the same place, protesters should pay attention to cell phone surveillance. Usually, security practitioners or other protesters respond to this issue through suggestions provided by local law enforcement agencies using cell location simulators (also known as CSS, IMSI catchers, stingrays, earth boxes, hail, fake base stations, or crosses). However, in many cases, this suggestion is wrong, or it is due to fundamental reasons such as not knowing what the cellular base station simulator is, its function and frequency of use.

Denial of service or signal interference is an additional function of CSS. In fact, the FBI has admitted that CSS can cause signal jammer to local personnel. Unfortunately, for the same reasons, it is difficult to determine the use of CSS, and it is difficult to tell how often they interrupt service, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Signal towers that look like signal interference may also be overloaded and disconnected. If many people suddenly gather in one place, it may overload the network, which is not the purpose of the design.

Professional high-power interceptor

How to protect yourself from cellular signals

As we mentioned in our self-defense guide for monitoring protesters, the best way to protect yourself from cellular site simulators is to put your phone in airplane mode and then turn off GPS [2], WiFi and Bluetooth, and cellular data. (Although “receive only” GPS and not lose its own location information, many apps track GPS location data, which is ultimately stored in a database that law enforcement agencies can search for later.)

We know that some IMSI capturers can also intercept content, but as far as we know, if you don’t downgrade your cellular connection to 2G, none of them can do it. If you want to protect your device from this attack, the best option is to use encrypted messages such as Signal or WhatsApp and put it in airplane mode when you find that your phone has fallen to 2G. (There are many valid reasons. Your phone may downgrade some of your connections to 2G, but it is safer than regretting.) However, an important part of the protest may be live broadcast/recording and immediate upload of police reports against protesters. Violent video. This is inconsistent with the recommendation to keep the phone off/in airplane mode. Up to you

Unfortunately, iOS and Android currently do not provide an easy way to force your phone to use 4G only, although developers can of course add it to their operating systems. If you can turn off 2G on your phone, this is a good preventive measure.

WiFi jammer can easily protect your personal information

WiFi and Bluetooth are wireless technology that supports the exchange of data over short distances through fixed and mobile devices using the 2.4g band. From this point of view, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to force people to use them to send information and documents to create great convenience. Thus, the Wi-Fi connection for large businesses is also cheap, as it can connect to multiple systems over one wifi signal. Bluetooth can also be used to help people send files and share files. With the development of wireless networks, and now, people can easily use the WiFi network access, which has really brought a lot of convenience to people.

There are many drawbacks to wifi signal jammer as well, such as all private data stored on your laptop or PDA can be exposed to everyone in the same area. If not set up correctly, criminals can easily obtain passwords and important personal information over the wireless network. Once the password is known to someone else, it is really a risk. The most obvious aspect is that your privacy is susceptible to being hacked, the password is used as a wireless network, hackers due to low capacity. On the other hand, due to the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection must track your position and the ability to work the body, similar to the triangulation position cell phone tower. So other people can easily know your location.

anti-tracking gps blocker

How to keep your information private

Now people are paying more attention to security and privacy at work and in everyday life, and you always want to find a good way to prevent them from being attacked or forfeiting their privacy. Now it’s to get network privacy and security back then. So the WiFi signal jammer can help people to solve this problem. By using WiFi / Bluetooth jammers, others will lose the ability to access the wireless network, you just need to use a wired network to ensure your normal use. So, WiFi and Bluetooth jammers can bring you eliminate potential dangers is very important. Then this 13W High Power 2G 3G 4G Wi-Fi Bluetooth Cell Phone Signal Blocker is designed for this purpose.

Word, WiFi jammers can very well help you eliminate the risk of information. If you want more choice, please visit our website.

Jammer at university

Along with the advancement in technology, the cheating has also been high tech, the use of mobile phones, wireless headphones and bluetooth devices to get the answer. Many people even hid a transmitter in the examination room.

“The jammer will block the movement of the electronic device, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth operations. Once the body is finalized, the BPSC will be close to the center to clean to install the jammer,” an official said.

The interference operator must be responsible by the supplier concerned in order to avoid local tampering in the inspection center. The jammer effectively turns off the cell phone. They are transmitted at the same radio frequency as the mobile phone, thereby interrupting communication between the phone and the mobile phone’s base station in the tower.

Desktop 5g jammer

Although cell phones were banned in the exam hall, the last year of MBB students at a private university managed to cheat on recent exams using bluetooth devices and microphones. “We have installed mobile phone jammers in four exams to prevent cheating during exams. The education department has also been tasked with closely monitoring the flow of students and carefully examining suspects.” The dean said.

At Kyoto University in Japan.

Cell phone jammers have become the focus of interest after recent events of fraud at Kyoto University and four other prestigious university entrance exams.

This gsm jammer transmits radio signals in the 800 MHz band and serves as the main carrier frequency band for NTT DoCoMo and KDDI phones at. May also supply products for other groups.

Currently, the main business users of 4G Cell Phone Jammers are hospital, concert hall and movie theater operators, and some banks are also installing ATM equipment to prevent “minor” fraud (that’s me. , It’s me).

In the phone scam, criminals usually through the phone to guide the elderly to the fraudulent person’s temporary bank account, pretending to be relatives or acquaintances suddenly under financial strain. According to the merchant of mobile phone jammers, the university has now been added to the list of customers.

South African prison facility jammer

Prison leaders use signal jamming devices to prevent inmates from using cell phones in prisons.

A Department of Corrections document seen by Sowetan says he is in talks with SA’s Independent Communications Authority to “explore various technical and legal solutions, including, but not limited to, cell phone jamming.” .

The ministry also wants to expand the installation of cell phone detection systems in various prisons to help officials identify and remove unauthorized communication devices.

Currently, cell phone detectors are installed in 39 prisons while 14 other body scanners will be placed in seven prisons to help authorities stop cell phone smuggling.

According to Icasa’s Guide to the Use of the Frequency Spectrum, the use of any jamming device, including jamming of mobile phones, is prohibited in South Africa for reasons of security and effective electronic communications.

desktop signal blocker

But after the use of a signal jamming device during President Jacob Zuma’s address, Icasa said that the use of jamming devices by an entity other than the national security cluster departments is not authorized and authorized. At the time, the authority said that national security cluster departments could, when supported by relevant security legislation, deploy the use of jammers as part of, among other things, security functions. of State.

Several media companies and the SA National Editors Forum have appealed the decision of the Western Cape High Court dismissing their request to declare the use of the signal scrambling device illegal in Parliament. The prisoners at Pollsmoor in Cape Town recently caused a stir when they created their own Facebook page and started posting pictures of themselves in their orange prison clothes.

In June, Free State Presiding Judge Mahube Molemela wrote a report after conducting a forensic inspection at Zonderwater Prison in Cullinan (Tshwane).

Molemela found that the prison had a serious problem with drug and cell phone smuggling, mainly due to staff shortages and overcrowding in communal cells.

But the judge also found that because the prison had basic adult education and training for learners and 11 students from the University of SA, it should allow prisoners to have laptops in their cells.

“There is no reason why laptops should not be allowed in student cells. A laptop computer that does not have Internet access cannot pose a threat to the security of the facility,” Molemela said.

South African courts have already ruled in favor of student prisoners at higher education institutions who wish to access the internet for their studies, but this must be monitored and used “strictly for studying”.

Icasa’s Paseka Maleka did not respond to requests for comment made Thursday. Logan Maistry of Corrections said he needed more time to respond.

The man set up a jammer to interfere with the aircraft GPS signal? The truth is…

GPS navigation signal is an important technical guarantee for aircraft flight safety. The flight crew of a civil airliner that landed at Liuzhou Airport not long ago reported that the aircraft was about 8 kilometers above the runway when it was descending and preparing to land. GPS signals began to be interfered by radio until the distance About 4 kilometers above the runway, the GPS interference signal disappeared, and the length of time the passenger aircraft was interfered on different flights was different. The shortest time for the passenger aircraft GPS to be interfered was 60 seconds, and the longest time was 125 seconds.

The reporter learned from the Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center that recently, the center used technical means to jointly enforce the law with relevant departments. This case of civil aviation passenger aircraft GPS interference was seized and handled, eliminating potential safety hazards.

It is understood that on June 28, Liuzhou Airport submitted a radio interference complaint form to Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center: The GPS signal was severely interfered by the GPS signal while the civil airliner was preparing to land on the runway of Liuzhou Airport recently, resulting in loss of GPS signal and interference. The worst airliner lost GPS signal for up to two minutes. The GPS signal was interfered with and affected the approach and landing of the aircraft. Some flight crews adopted the termination of the RNP approach procedure and used visual control of the aircraft to land, which seriously affected the approach and landing of the civil aviation aircraft and brought security risks to flight safety.

After receiving the complaint, the Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center dispatched monitoring personnel and dispatched mobile monitoring vehicles to carry out carpet radio monitoring and interference investigations on the area under the GPS interference route. It was found that the source of the interference was set by the Liuzhou Power Supply Bureau on Ruilong Road. A GPS signal jammer in a second-hand car warehouse next to the Fort Substation. After questioning, the owner of the car warehouse confessed that the jammer was purchased from Taobao and it was used to shield the GPS signals of cars in the warehouse to prevent vehicle positioning information from being discovered.

desktop mobile phone blocker

On July 21, Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center, Municipal Public Security Bureau Airport Branch, and Liuzhou Airport launched a joint operation to investigate and deal with the illegally installed GPS signal jammer in the warehouse. The staff of Liuzhou Radio Monitoring Center and the Public Security Bureau conducted a preliminary inquiry and investigation of the warehouse owner. After that, the public security police seized the GPS signal jammer according to law and brought the warehouse owner back to the Public Security Bureau for further investigation.

At this point, the GPS signals of all civil aviation aircraft that landed at Liuzhou Airport have returned to normal, and the radio signals that interfered with the GPS positioning of the civil aviation aircraft have completely disappeared, and the hidden dangers affecting aviation safety have been eliminated.

Features of desktop recording jammer

The Jammer-mart desktop recording jammer An-Rejam-De01 can effectively shield and interfere with the recording functions of digital products such as voice recorders and smart phones. Interference signals are generated after the recording blocker is turned on, and all recorded information is noisy current sound, and the sound information cannot be restored. The product is suitable for sensitive places such as enterprises, governments, and secret-related units to prevent security risks caused by theft.

desktop signal blocker


The product has no noise, no harsh noise, and is harmless to the human body;

Directional interference, greater output power, stronger shielding effect;

The product form can be customized and designed to adapt to various usage scenarios;

The product is easy to install, and it can be used only by providing city power;

There are many types of shielding range, covering the main recording equipment on the market.

How effective is the shielding of household signal jammers?

The mobile phone signal shielding system is a relatively professional modern communication signal shielding technology, especially in the special environment of prisons, which puts forward higher requirements on the mobile phone signal shielding technology. For example, in the application environment of the communication signal shielding system of a general meeting, participants come and walk in a hurry, and there is almost no time to “search” for the blind spots of communication signal shielding. In the special environment of the prison, the number of people is dense and the activities are more concentrated. This is the time to use mobile phone signal jammer for shielding.

1. How to evaluate the effect of the cell phone signal shielding system in the prison? If there is no shielding blind spot in the prison, the test should be repeated. In places with strong signals, such as “windows” or “every corners”, professional equipment detectors should be used. , Radiation, and shielding of other systems; to achieve no blind spots; to comply with the inspection regulations of relevant departments

buy signal jamming device

2. The shielding effect and external shielding?

The high-quality mobile phone signal shielding system project must be completely shielded without affecting the communication of residents, not letting people complain, not allowing mobile and China Unicom to cause trouble, and the shielding area is more accurate, and there is no shielding outside the shielding area, which can be regarded as a complete acceptance project.

3. Problems with upgrading and expansion? The wireless communication technology is developing rapidly. 5G is currently in the trial operation stage. Yesterday, the system could be completely shielded, and there may be problems today. Therefore, the construction of the shielding system should be modularized, and it can be easily upgraded according to the changes of the surrounding communication facilities, so as to substantially save the project investment and achieve permanent shielding.

Factor 1: the effective shielding of mobile phone signal jammer

The efficiency of the so-called cell phone jammer is whether the shielding effect has blind spots or leaks. Near some prisons, there may be sources of strong mobile phone signals. In order to achieve a good shielding effect, a lot of materials and energy will be spent correspondingly, and the cost will correspondingly increase substantially. Therefore, the better the shielding effect, the cost will increase accordingly. In actual use, the shielding requirements of the prison area are generally higher, with a little leakage and blind spots. Some personnel may seize this loophole, so that the mobile phone can be used in the originally prescribed shielding area, which cannot achieve the original intention of shielding the mobile phone.

Factor 2: No malfunction time of mobile phone signal jammer

If the original stipulation that the failure-free service life is 1 year and the failure-free service reaches 3 years in actual use, the cost performance will be tripled. If the original stipulation that the failure-free service life is 1 year, it will often fail in less than half a year in actual use. Although it is a free warranty, the risk is immeasurable, personnel resources are wasted, and the corresponding cost performance is greatly reduced.

Factor three: external shielding of mobile phone signal jammer

If external shielding is not considered, it is relatively easy to simply shield the mobile phone signal, as long as the shielding power is increased. But it is necessary to ensure that the shielding area has no blind areas and no leakage points. The power intensity in the shielding area is relatively large. If there is a little leakage, the external shielding will be large. This requires full consideration and technical control during shielding design to achieve precise and efficient shielding without external coverage.

Factor 4: Cell phone signal jammer cost

The cost should follow the shielding requirements and budget. You can’t blindly choose cheap machines, and you can’t think that expensive is good. In actual choices, word-of-mouth is very important. It is more necessary to investigate past cases on the spot, test the shielding effect, and then make selections.

To prevent students from playing with mobile phones

Nowadays, more and more students have smart phones. In order to prevent students from playing mobile phones at school to affect their studies, especially the phenomenon of playing mobile phones after going to bed at night and turning off the lights, Xin’anjiang Middle School recently installed several mobile phone signal jammer. This move caused objections from some students.

Student: I’m not used to the cell phone signal

On November 8, a netizen broke the news on Baidu Tieba of Xin’anjiang Middle School, saying that “I heard that mobile phone shielding devices are harmful to the body.” In the following days, there were several more posts about the school blocker, which triggered discussions among many netizens. Another netizen made up a poem: “I saw high-voltage lines during the day, high-tension lines at night, and high-tension lines every day…”, and nearly 30 comments were posted.

gps wifi cell phone jammers

On November 12, the reporter came to a certain class of the third year of the school and asked 4 boys, 3 of whom used smart phones and 1 used ordinary mobile phones. A boy told reporters that about half of the classmates in the class brought mobile phones, mainly for making calls. Nowadays, mobile phones have many functions. They also use mobile phones to watch TV shows, read news, read novels, and chat with friends. He complained to reporters: “The mobile phone has no signal and life is less interesting. I am really not used to it.”

In another class, the reporter learned that in addition to contacting family members when using mobile phones at school, girls also use their phones to shop on Taobao, check Weibo, and play WeChat. Some girls also use their smartphones to play with foreign social software such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

School: Schools should be responsible for the management of students, and mobile phones should be used reasonably at school

Principal Lai Zhonglin of Xin’anjiang Middle School said frankly that it is very common for students to bring mobile phones. Most of the mobile phones used by students are smart phones. They can play games, watch movies, go shopping, make friends and chat… The school clearly requires students to use mobile phones reasonably and is strictly prohibited in teaching. However, some students have poor self-control ability, especially after going to bed at night and turning off the lights, there are still students playing with mobile phones until late at night, which seriously affects the next day’s study, so that they start to doze off early the next day and lack sleep for a long time It will also affect your health.

In order to prevent students from using mobile phones at school to affect their studies, especially the phenomenon of using mobile phones after going to bed at night and turning off the lights, Xin’anjiang Middle School installed several mobile phone shielding devices. Lai Zhonglin said that the jamming device is mainly near the bedroom, and the activation time is a certain period of time, not all day, and the use time during the exam is slightly longer than usual. The shielding devices installed in the school are in compliance with the standards for the use of the college entrance examination and have safety guarantees. At the same time, the school also visited surrounding residents and units and asked the mobile company. The results showed that the shielding device did not affect the normal life of the surrounding area.

In response to the students’ messages in Tieba, School Lai also replied: Student mobile phone management is a problem that every school will encounter. The school hopes to get the attention and attention of relevant social departments and provide technical guidance. As a school, it should assume the responsibility of managing students. Students are asked to concentrate on their studies in school. Parents are also expected to understand, cooperate and support the school’s mobile phone management. Moreover, the school has a school messaging system that can meet the needs of students and parents. Contact demand.

Surrounding residents: no impact on normal life

On November 12, the reporter randomly interviewed several residents near Xin’anjiang Middle School. An employee of a company near the back door of the school said that the installation of the shielding device in the school did not affect the company’s employees’ mobile phone use and normal life. Mr. Wang, the owner of another small shop, also said that his mobile phone signal was not affected.