How to obtain a high-power WIFI signal jammer?

Nowadays, people have very strict requirements on many signal interference equipment. Of course, everyone needs to obtain equipment that can meet their requirements at a preferential price, while also designing high-tech and powerful interference functions. Come to Texin Electronics, you will have the opportunity to obtain high-quality wifi jammer equipment.

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After widely using different types of signals in daily life, it is really necessary and necessary to avoid negative effects on the signals in work or daily life. This is why more and more signal interference with good designs and new designs The equipment is well received by people. And now the newly designed 8-antenna signal jammer is really very powerful, just in this paragraph, the real example of this high-power 8-antenna signal jammer will be introduced to you here, you have the opportunity to look through the following content in detail This kind of high-power multi-purpose signal blocker is introduced.

First, just look at the name of this high-power multifunctional signal blocker, and then you will know that the full name of this example is “16W 8-antenna high-power desktop 3G 4G mobile phone Bluetooth jammer”, which of course is designed with 8 antennas and Observing the interference frequency band, you will of course be attracted by it, because this high-power 8-antenna signal interference device can cut off the signal time of CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G 4G LTE 4G Wimax WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time, which is really powerful. On the other hand, the shielding range of this desktop WiFi 3G 4G mobile phone jammer is also very strong, because the interference range is up to 50 meters in detailed places based on the intensity of the information.

Jammer VS Bugs Who Will Win?

We have recently been able to read in all the newspapers about the scandal now called “Mafia Roma Capitale“. Mostly, some intrepid journalist wanted to venture, probably because he had been lucky enough to read some minutes, or who knows what “tip”, on the use by the alleged criminal organization, of appearing “jammers” and cards in the name of third parties , in order to divert the investigation.

Both the first, the so-called wireless jammer, are addressed as NOT working, for the diversion of investigations carried out by the authorities in charge. We obviously have no “paper” in hand, just as we have no “tip”, so we limit ourselves, as far as it can be reliable, to answer the question of greatest interest; how was it possible to intercept the subjects even when they had the jammer on?

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The answer is simpler and more obvious than you might think, already visiting and reading our previous news, specifically “Which Jammer to choose”, you can give an answer to everything, but we would like to clarify again, below we explain in detail:

To be able to secure an environment, it is NECESSARY TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE JAMMER and more.

The frequencies used by the signal are wide, there is NO portable signal jammer in the world capable of canceling them all. Conceptually, it is a bit like having a room with a hypothetical number of 10 doors, closing 1 or 2 does not preclude the opening of the remaining ones.

The pocket jammers, let’s talk about the best, inhibit the frequencies of cell phones and at most the 2.4GHz WiFi network or GPS. They leave the “doors” open for all VHF – UHF radio bugs, or perhaps high radio frequency bugs and why not, directional laser pointing or more simply bugs with direct recording to MicroSD, which, the latter two, cannot be inhibited with no jammer!

Moral of the story, the device purchased could NOT be sufficient to make a safe environment.
In order to make a safe environment, at least it must cover ALL VHF UHF frequencies, cell phones, high radios and other equipment such as white noise generators aimed at protecting conversations from any recorders and / or directional. This is the only technical explanation, the rest is just chatter from bars or the writings of “newsagents” paid for by third parties.

As in any survey, most of the wiretaps carried out are by telephone. The cards, even in the name of third parties, are NOT safe. There are various methods to be able to intercept them and charge the end user. The only secure systems are encrypted mobile phones, where conversations can NOT be listened to and neither appear on any printout.

This is not intended to be a “guide to the criminal”, but it seems more than appropriate to clarify and tell the truth about the facts.

Why buy a jammer from us and not from others?

For two fundamental reasons:

1.Because our products, unlike our other competitors, are assembled at the time of order. We do not intentionally do a department store, since electronic components, especially batteries, tend to “get damaged” if they are not used shortly after construction.
Unfortunately, our competitors tend to order large quantities to cut costs. So a mobile phone jammer bought today may have been assembled a year ago. To better understand the damage that this entails, try to keep the battery of your smartphone still for a year, you will see the consequences and the enormous loss of sealing. Not happy with this, our jammers are tested at all stages and for 24 continuous hours before shipping, just to check for any problems.

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2.The location of the company is of vital importance when it comes to security. Having a legal, tax and operating company in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, we are not required and cannot / want to provide any data relating to our clients to ANY government body; of no state!

Companies located in Italy, Europe or satellite states such as San Marino (read here to find out more), cannot guarantee the confidentiality of personal data. If governmental or other authorized bodies ask for information about purchases, the company could NOT refuse. Which, on the other hand, does not exist for an independent state in all respects, which has made privacy its winning weapon for years!

The difference is our scrupulousness in detail, our confidentiality of information about our customers. This characterizes us and differentiates us from others, which is why our customers always come back to us.

The jammers are our good friends

We have to use all kinds of electronic devices in our lives, including all kinds of jammers, like cell phone jammers. We use a wifi device to connect to the Internet, we use bluetooth to send and receive data, we use the cell phone to keep in touch, we use GPS devices to locate us.

But all kinds of electronics have a good side and a bad side. When you use a WiFi contact, your computer or mobile phone may be hacked, which will lead you into dangerous situations. We therefore need wireless jammer to protect us.

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When everyone is using the cell phone, there is cell phone noise everywhere, which is a problem for us whether we are in a church, library, conference hall, concert, or other places like these. So we need a cell phone jammer to keep us in peace.

GPS devices are very useful, but it will also be dangerous. Anyone could track your sites after putting GP tracker in your cars. So we need a handheld gps jammer to keep us safe.

As you know, a Jammer is a kind of blocking device that could be used to turn off certain types of devices in a certain location. The Jammer does this by cutting off the signal only, so that certain type of devices cannot receive or send a signal. It is easy to use and easy to control. It is very useful for us. It might give us a convenient way to get away from problems. We love cell phone jammer, we love wifi jammer, we love GPS jammer, we love mobile phone jammer. The jammers are our good friends.

UNUSUAL | Equipped with a jammer, it disrupts cell phones in its neighborhood

A Montélimar resident was arrested on Friday for disrupting mobile communications in the city center. He had equipped himself with a frequency jammer because he felt he was being spied on.

A Montélimar resident was arrested that Friday afternoon for a specific crime: “Possessing and using a device that tends to disable communications equipment”. Because the man was using a signal blocker.

22 Antennas Wireless Signal Jammer

The fear of being spied on

At the police station, he explained that he felt he was being followed. He recently installed a camera in his apartment in the Old City to monitor his home. Except that he regularly had the impression that his camera was being controlled remotely and that individuals were spying on what was going on. He was therefore given a jammer that is strictly forbidden as it neutralizes the waves and deactivates cell phones and GPS. In the case of a strong jammer, this can even interfere with the aircraft.

National Frequency Agency survey

In addition, the cellular network in this sector was very disrupted. The National Frequency Agency therefore carried out the investigation. She sent her agents to the center of Montélimar with special equipment and they quickly discovered the apartment. The police then went to the Montilien house where they found the jammer and got off to the forties. The man who admitted the facts will be called to the police station again earlier this week.

Recording jammer to prevent eavesdropping from being recorded!

Have you ever had such confusion: private meetings and conversations with friends are worried about being eavesdropped or recordings reveal privacy; business negotiations are afraid of being eavesdropped by competitors leading to project failure; the conversations of confidential meetings of the unit are recorded or eavesdropped leading to leakage, etc. and many more. How to protect the valuable conversation information from being stolen by others?

While high-tech brings convenience to the general public, the pursuit of high-quality life has also become a life attitude that people admire. Therefore, the protection of privacy rights has become a hot topic at the moment, and more and more politicians, celebrities and business people are beginning to understand protection The legitimate rights and interests of one’s own privacy, how to prevent recording and anti-eavesdropping has been paid attention to. How to effectively prevent the disclosure of secrets caused by recording and eavesdropping? Choosing a high-end and safe anti-recording device becomes your wisest choice right now!

The wireless jammer is a very effective product. It can send out interference signals to prevent the pickup or microphone from picking up normal voice information, and pick up the “buzzing” noise to protect the voice information. The recording jammer is It is the simplest and most effective to protect the security of voice information from the source of sound collection. Shenzhou Mingda has focused on information security for 14 years. The newly developed L7B recording jammer is upgraded on the basis of the original equipment. The FPGA-based ultrasonic noise algorithm eliminates the high frequency noise of the old equipment.

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Features of recording jammer MDPB-L7B:

1. High interference intensity: Our self-developed FPGA-based ultrasonic band noise algorithm can effectively interfere with digital devices such as mobile phones and voice recorders, can record noises, and completely eliminate the harsh sound that a few people can hear.

2. Long interference distance: The anti-recorder has an interference distance of more than two meters for 95% of mobile phones, an interference distance of more than 5 meters for 60% of mobile phones, and an interference distance of 10 meters for iPhone X and iPhone 8, which can be effective Protect the conversation

3. There are many interference devices: it has good interference effects on various mobile phones such as iPhone series, Huawei mate, Honor, OPPO, VIVO, Samsung, Nubia, Meizu, Nuts, etc., and it has good interference effects on Sony, Samsung, Sanyo, Newman, Lenovo, Olympa. Sound recorder test interference effect is good

4. Mute work: The anti-recorder has replaced the ultra-quiet fan, and the sound produced during work is smaller and quieter than the old equipment.

In modern society, recording conditions such as mobile phones and voice recorders are very convenient. Any important negotiation, especially business negotiation (such as legal negotiation, contract negotiation and other legal relationship communication) or other important matters, is very worried about being recorded by the other party. Evidence against oneself. The latest L7B recording jammer developed by Shenzhou Mingda can solve your worries. The recording jammer is a portable, highly integrated security protection device that integrates ultrasonic interference and voice sound wave interference. It can effectively interfere with digital and analog recordings such as voice recorders, mobile phone recordings, and tape recordings, and interfere with wireless eavesdropping, wired eavesdropping, and isolation. Various voice eavesdropping devices such as wall tapping and laser tapping make it impossible to identify the conversation voice obtained by the eavesdropper, thus effectively protecting your privacy.

Could the police actually shut down a city’s cellular service?

At around 1 am on Monday, a strange tweet claimed that Washington, DC had been disconnected from the digital world. The Washington Post later reported that the Twitter accounts of only three followers were the first to report a suspected interruption. When people wake up and register online, #DCblackout is all the rage in the United States. The hashtag appeared in thousands of tweets, accompanied by reports of explosions, missing protesters and silencers of police rifles. What followed was a brief online chaos: Did the police really block the cell phone tower? What should the so-called failure cover? The local reporter quickly tweeted that they had not experienced any failures, and later that day, the rumors were thoroughly debunked. It turns out that a power outage is the highest level of error message. This also dispersed the interference of local protests. The local police used violent methods against the protesters all night, including pepper spray, rubber bullets and tear gas.

However, the prerequisite for the power outage is that the police (or the federal government) can completely shut down the communication network-this behavior has seriously affected the freedom of speech and assembly rights, as well as the safety of protesters and passersby. Although it did not happen on Monday, the joke raised the question of whether it is possible for law enforcement agencies to cause technical and legal power outages.

Americans tend to view deliberate service interruption as a dangerous strategy used by oppressive regimes abroad. In a speech by the American Civil Liberties Union, Jay Stanley, a senior political analyst for the Privacy and Technology Project, told me that interruptions in communication are often seen as “a terrible form of abuse” and are used worldwide to cover up repression of sexual violence and other violations. Human rights behavior. ”

But this form of censorship has occurred at least once in the United States. In 2011, the Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART) suspended cell phone service at a subway station in downtown San Francisco after hearing about plans to protest the BART police’s plan to kill a man. The purpose of BART is to prevent protesters from coordinating, but it is short-sighted, thus making the agency the center of freedom of speech controversy across the country. The Federal Communications Commission intervened, and BART’s actions were condemned by human rights organizations such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (the incident was called the “BART La Mubarak in San Francisco” incident). The FCC investigated BART, but like Harold Feld, the senior vice president of non-profit public knowledge told me that the committee decided not to make a declarative decision on the incident. This boils down to a technical problem: BART actually shuts down the service by shutting down the equipment in the underground system instead of destroying the signal.

No similar incidents have been confirmed since, but in the 2016 Tateishi protests, Wired reported that tribal leaders believed that the police had blocked their phones. The problem with proving these claims is that it is difficult to determine whether malicious behavior is occurring or just a bad signal. Only agencies like the FCC have not yet investigated the claims to truly verify the occurrence of traffic congestion.

smartphone signal blocker

The BART controversy and, to a lesser extent, the Standing Rock controversy, both show how complicated the shutdown signal can be in the United States-and how we truly fail to understand and resolve the blueprint for current and future law enforcement blackouts. What we do know is that almost ten years later, it is still possible from a technical point of view. According to Joshua M. Pearce, a professor of materials science and engineering at the Michigan Technological Institute, there are two ways to cause ground blackouts. (Turning off BART is an unusual situation because the authorities can access the device themselves.) The first is to ask (or require) the service provider to shut down a specific set of cell phone towers. It’s as simple as flipping a switch

The second method (and the more difficult method) is to use jamming technology, which sometimes sends false signals, overwhelming the signal from the cell phone tower. Small short-range equipment can be purchased abroad (for example, equipment used by some overseas universities to stop fraud, which led to the suspension of a high school teacher in Florida in 2015). In theory, you can use a large number of such small devices to call neighbors, but this is not convenient. Pearce believes that signal jammer have greater coverage, but only organizations like the National Security Agency own them.

Why should public WIFI will be used to lose personal information?

Mass users and fragmented internet habits make public WiFi a mandatory requirement in the mobile age. Thanks to this feature, the WiFi Universal Key, which provides a free network service, has been introduced with 900 million users for four years. Google and Facebook have launched similar services in several regions.

In recent years, however, the media have repeatedly reported theft of user accounts caused by the use of public WiFi. The public has had tremendous fears about the security of the public WiFi: whether the public WiFi is being used, it can lead to the disclosure of personal information and even damage to property?

How did your personal data come out? Maybe you drink coffee, use free wifi and then personal information is stolen. In recent years, free public WiFi has become a hidden danger for citizens to divulge personal information and compromise network security. Therefore, WLAN management in public places has come into focus. Corresponding countermeasures are also currently being investigated.

wireless jamming for sale

Hackers set a camouflage WiFi, a parasite highlight of the signal is very strong, can suppress the coverage of the normal radio signal, set up a cell phone and network dialog between the listening level in the users and the operation of the first one, which passes on your disguise WiFi then , in the WLAN network, your personal data is in a state without data protection. This means that everything you do on your phone can be viewed.

How does the hacker transfer your money over WiFi?

Step 1: The hackers set up free WiFi to allow the victim to access the mobile phone.

Step 2: When disguising the website, write down the password of the victim’s login to the phishing website and personal information.

Step 3: steal user information and steal the victim’s bank card number password.

Step 4: Install victim mobile trojan virus and block user SMS.

Step 5: Use trojan virus to steal cell phone payment verification code and complete the theft.

How do you protect your network security?

First of all, do not connect the unknown wireless network, online shopping, payment and other sensitive operations. It is recommended not to use public WiFi.

Second, the cell phone, computer and other electronic products to kill viruses, install security software, and change the password frequently to maintain security.

Third, using a wifi jammer can effectively avoid automatic access to unknown WIFI, which can prevent your smart device from being attacked.

Fourth, the person’s confidential information must be properly kept, not in email, chat tools, and other places where account password information is revealed. Different websites and systems suggest using different accounts or passwords.

Saab is testing its new attack jammer for the Gripen!

The aircraft manufacturer Saab has carried out the first flight tests with its new, advanced jamming module Electronic Attack Jammer Pod (EAJP). The new drone jammer was tested on a JAS-39D Gripen fighter aircraft. The interfaces of the module to the aircraft hardware and software as well as to the control and monitoring of the cockpit were tested during the flight.

5.8g jammer

Saab’s new EAJP module aims to protect aircraft with sophisticated jamming functions from radar and prevent the enemy from attacking them. The first flight marks an important stage in the nacelle development program.

Saab is refining its electronic attack capabilities and the new advanced module is an important part of this development. The EAJP perfectly complements the integrated electronic attack functions of the advanced electronic on-board warfare system of the new Gripen E / F fighter from Saab. It can also be used for other types of aircraft. The nacelle is part of the Saab AREXIS family of electronic warfare systems, which includes: radar warning signal receivers (RWR), intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and electronic countermeasures (ECM) that are combat aircraft compliant.

Electronic war systems are also used for self-protection by passively detecting radar systems and enemy missiles and protecting the aircraft or platform with active and passive countermeasures. Offensive electronic warfare, also known as electronic attack, involves actively sending jamming signals to disrupt the enemy’s air defense systems so that they are no longer a threat.

The EJP gondola:

The new low-band signal jammer is contained in a 4 m long and 350 kg heavy demonstration module. Wing-shaped surfaces are used to house the low frequency antennas. According to the Swedish aircraft manufacturer, currently only the US Navy Boeing EA-18G “Growler” can neutralize hostile electronic defenses. The EAJP has the ability to filter and thus protect the approach and departure of entire formations from low-frequency radar, thanks to the intelligent use of DRFM (Digital Radio Frequency Memory) encryption techniques, which generate false coherent and different targets. Saturation Techniques. The system is based on digital receivers and ultra-broadband DRFM devices, networked solid-state jammers based on gallium nitride (GaN) and interferometric direction finding systems. For advanced electronic attack application, these technologies are adapted to the low frequencies required to block modern stealth defense systems.

Intended for a wide range of aircraft:

If the EAJP is previously used in Sweden for aircraft of the Gripen C / D and E / F families, Saab will also advertise the EAJP nacelle to enable possible integration with other aircraft types. possibly including the Eurofighter. In Germany, for example, the Tornado ECR is to be replaced and the Eurofighter T3 ECR “SEAD” * (article tomorrow) is to be equipped. Other countries may need such a solution to equip their aircraft fleets. Saab expects it can deploy a NATO-compliant operational system in the next 12 months.

Detection of GPS interference technologies against autonomous vehicles with cost-effective solutions

As consumer drones become more accessible and capable, as well as new opportunities, so too do concerns about potential security threats. Consumer drones can be purchased almost anywhere these days at an affordable cost and are widely used due to their ease of use and low cost. However, they also pose significant risk to organizations in key sectors, and the news that these drones are being used for surveillance and other malicious purposes is nothing new. Fortunately, as technology advances, various ways have been developed to counter such drones and detect them from system to system via audio, radar, etc. depending on the system.

Wireless technology plays a vital role in controlling unregistered UAVs to keep businesses safe and secure. Rajant Corp’s DX-1 Development Kit is one such technology – it is a small, lightweight radio with antennas that offers strong multi-frequency encryption options for high-performance use. The company is also testing detection technologies for other video, radar and sonar devices.

Similarly, the Infinidome GPSdome is the world’s first non-military GPS anti-jammer technology to be commercially available and used across the critical infrastructure space. The Israel-based wireless security company develops solutions to detect and secure the wireless communication of various autonomous vehicles. At the beginning of January, it received bridge funding from the European AI fund Boundary Holding, whose investment is intended to help the security company advance its path into mobility technology. With Infinidome already earning over $ 1 million, funding from Rajat Khare-founded company will hopefully further boost Infinidome to move towards autonomous technology and gain a head start in the marketplace.

The use of drones has shifted dramatically in recent times – from entertainment to commercial purposes. As a result, such reliable solutions to detect and combat potential threats have become the order of the day.

UAV jammer have become the most effective solution to the threat of UAVs. It can make the drone lose signal control and slowly land to the ground.